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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snowy Days

This week has had some horrible weather!  When I got home on Sunday there was probly 8 inches of snow.  Now we are up to at least a foot if not 15 inches. Its ridiculous!!

Then the wind had to blow as well.  Like we needed more to add to all that snow.  It sure makes chores alot harder when you have to walk through all those snow drifts.

We have started calving, so far we have had four calves, but unfortunatly 2 didnt make it.  Not sure if it was just too cold and wet, but we think the one was stepped on, and the other took a long time to be born, so that may have had something to do with it.  We put out a lot more straw and cut out all the heifers from the calves and hopefully we will have better luck.  Its so hard when the snow has drifted all the gates closed though.

The roads have been plwoed, but there is so much wind they are blowing in again.

The prarie looks so big now cause the sky is the same color as the snowy ground.  I sure hope we get sunshine soon!

I am sick of winter even though im not sure brown grass right now would be prettier, but soon it would turn green I would think.  Last year at this time our dugouts were thawed and I had horses in the north pasture.  Right now that pasture has so much snow over the texas gates that I cant imagine putting horses there.


Kate said...

Sorry for the loss of the two calves. Calving must be difficult in the bad weather. Here's hoping spring comes soon!

fernvalley01 said...

Rough start to calving! Its hard to keep dry bewdding in this crap. Hopefull the rest of the season goes better. Spring????Where are you ?

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That looks like it would be tough weather for anyone to survive in. I'm sorry for your losses. Here's hoping all that white stuff melts and doesn't return for many, many months.

Shirley said...

Not a good start to calving season- or spring, for that matter!

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear of you loss of two calves. I remember the tuff winters on the farm I grew up on. We had a snow storm as well but it is all melting now thank goodness! Have a good day !

lisa said...

We had snow last night about 2 inches but melted this morning thank goodness, hang in there, spring is coming and I have to say that I like the brown grass better than the white stuff! Sorry about the calves!

Rising Rainbow said...

Losing two calves, that's tough. I hope the weather warm up soon and life can get back to normal. Those pictures of the snow driffts makes me almost appreciate we have rain.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Holy Crap! So that's where all of our winter snow went this year. We're just getting some green grass poking up now, and I'm not sure how, seeing as how we've not got a lick of rain since last and only a coupleof minor snowfalls. But it feels like Spring here...winds, sunshine, blue skies. Not a dot of snow.

Poor calves. I can't imagine what it must be like to be thrust out of a cozy warm Mama belly and dropped wet and slick, into freezing temperatures and piles of icy snow. Brrr!