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Friday, March 4, 2011

Farm Friend Friday

This week I entered Farm Friend Friday from Verde Farms.  Pretty fun.  Kinda neat to see who is out there and what type of farm they have.  Fun way to see more blogs too, check them out.

I was feeling sorry for my outside horses, lol.  Funny cause they all live outside.  But I was meaning the pasture horses, Dinero, George, Belle, Bailey and Disco.  I realized it had been a couple weeks since I had been to see them.  I usually am out there at least once and prefer twoce a week, but it had been a couple weeks between me being sick and it being cold, I kinda forgot.  Well I went out there today and they we happy to see me.  As always, I like to think its me they want to see, but its more likely the oats I bring.  I always worry this time of year when its cold and especially with the snow we had this year cause I am not feeding them any extra, they just get the pasture grass that grew all summer.  Well after this morning, no need to feel sorry for them, they are plenty fat!  Which is good, I never expected any different, but being as Disco is pregnant and Dinero is only 3 and Bailey had a tendancy to be thin, I was worried but am now much relieved.

I rode the Razz yesterday in our reguar bridle and she was really good again, still a little bracey, but nothing we cant work out.  I am thinking I have to work on her more lateral softening, we do some and she gets good and I quit, but then she gets stiff again, so I guess I will have to keep on doing it every so often.


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal, sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I like your pink bucket too, are you feeling better ? Hope So!.......glad your getting to ride, but take care of yourself.

lisa said...

Razz will get there. One thing about horses, they prefer to be outside than in! Glad everyone was ok and ready to see you.

Home In The Hollow said...

Glad to hear all your horses were getting plump and the oats and you served as an extra treat to them, I'm sure!...:)JP

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor ponies. hehe! Nice that they were happy to see you...oats or not.
It's must be great to have a real pasture for your horses to survive off of. We only get grass growth once a year in August during the monsoons (if we have any) and once it's gone, it's gone...no more. So, mostly horses are kept on dry lot around here.
Next winter I'm planning on sending my horse south to spend the winter on about 400 acres of pasture with a small herd of horses. I think it will be good for my mare, don't you?


Teresa said...

Glad they are doing well. I'm amazed they can survive just on the grass out there.

Buttons said...

Glad to hear your horses are doing well my cattle are outside all winter having calves they do fine. B

Rising Rainbow said...

Funny, you feel bad for your outside horses and I feel bad for my inside horses.

I'm glad yours horses were doing good when you went to visit

. I worry about mine sometimes when I don't get time to check on each one even though I know Lindsay and Dave are there. It always makes my day to see their bright faces.

Verde Farm said...

So glad they are all fat and happy out there. That always makes you feel good. I am sure the loved the oats nonetheless :)
Thank you for linking up with Farm Friend Friday!