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Friday, March 25, 2011

Clinic Leftovers

I had a few more pics from the clinic I had to share.  This first one is actually on the way to Jardis on Friday and its my neighbors moving thier cow herd from Dalum to Finnegan.  It takes them about four days and it was all nice weather except Sunday was a little snowy, but by then the cows knew where they were going and so just headed home.

Then a pic of Guy showing us how to do something.  He is an amazing clinician/trainer, he sees us doing things we dont even know we do.  He was telling one guy to sit with his shoulders back and I said I was suprised he never told me that, and the guy sitting by me said there were other worse problems to fix before he even thought of fixing that.  I was kinda offended until he said the same thing happened to him, he waited till other stuff was fixed then worked on him, lol.

Then Loren, he worked hard the whole clinic on this little black horse turning the cow back to us at whatever speed he thought we needed.  He gave much advice as well, he sounds like a very knowledgable trainer.  Kinda fun to hear them throw ideas off each other.

The this pretty mare.  She is out of Dual Pep as well, so that was kinda cool for me. And she has no hair, well no winter hair, cause they just bought her at the futurity sale in Dec.  I forget how nice a slicked out horse looks at this time of year.

Speaking of hair, Razz is starting to shed and its really weird, only her white hair has shedded so far.  Not sure if this is just weird or if white hair sheds quicker on all horses.  Noone else has enough white on thier horses to notice a difference.


Country Gal said...

Looks like fun. nice photos. Have a good day.

lisa said...

Lots to learn and hard to take some critiquing! My Annie is shedding like crazy. I am going to a clinic just for horsemanship in May and it will be my very first clinic with a horse, so I can imagine how many mistakes I will have to correct ;)

Shirley said...

No snow in that first pic! Sure different from the post below.
I've always thought Guy Heintz was a pretty good hand.

Breathe said...

Being publicly critiqued can be tough for some folks. Never bothers me, but I think a good trainer is gracious about it.

It's amazing what you can learn in a clinic, looks like it was a great one!

Linda said...

Where did you find the no snow zone? Sounds like a fun time!

Rising Rainbow said...

I can't even remember what a slicked out horse looks like. It has been so long. LOL I have noticed white hair sheds out forst on some horses but not all. Don't know why that is but it's sure interesting.