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Friday, March 11, 2011

More on Kali

Well I been doing some research on Kali and her bloodlines.  Its kinda hard to find some stuff out and others just jump out at you.  First off her mom is Senorita Chic Olena.  A daughter of Smart Chic Olena out of a Colonel Freckles daughter.  Pretty good bloodlines there, but I knew that when I got her. 

The mare is also a bay, looks a little darker than Kali and is only 6!  she already has NRHA and NRCHA earnings, as well as her ROM in AQHA Reining.  She lives in Ocala, Florida and is for sale for $20,000.

She also has a video of her working in the arena.

Kinda cool what I can find out on the internet.  I never did find just a picture of her standing still, but still looking.

Her Sire however is a little more famous, Dual Pep.  NCHA $302,053 LTE $313,192 1998 world champ cutting NCHA Open Classic Champion 2007 Equi-Stat #3 Leading Sire 2002 Equi-Stat #6 Leading Cutting Sire #3 All-Time Leading Cutting Sire Siring the earners of over $22,100,000.Stud Fee $15,000.00 + Chute Fee.  Kinda crazy!  I sure can't imagine paying that!

He is the #4 leading sire of NCHA events since 2008, offsrping earnings of over 19 million, with an everage earner of $31, 529. 

INCENTIVES: Dual Pep's offspring are paid up in the Super Stallions Incentive Fund (SSIF) and he is subscribed to the NCHA Super Stakes, Super Stakes Classic, Bonanza, and PCCHA incentives.
Kinda fun to learn about pedigrees.  Im still looking, but one day I hope to add to his offspring earnings :)


lisa said...

Good luck. Very nice horse.

fernvalley01 said...

Wow she has some breeding ! Hope you do really well with her

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Sounds like you good quite a deal on Kali with her bloodlines.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That's incredible! What a beautifully bred mare. I can't wait to see her all shed out and see what she really looks like...I bet her current pics don't do her justice at all (and I still thought she was really cute ;-).

I wonder what the thought process was on breeding momma so young?

I can totally see why they put her back into the riding pen though. She's got some moves and it way too young to be regulated to baby making duty.

Shirley said...

Royal pedigree- you should be able to burn up the cutting pen with her!

Rising Rainbow said...

I remember when I was looking for a AQHA horse to breed for a half arab reiner, those stud fees were more than lots of people pay for horses. Talk about ouch and double ouch. I ended up buying a breeding through a fund raiser to get a better deal. Scary stuff. LOL

The other things that is scary, is I actual know these bloodlines. Not bad for an Arab breeder. LOL

5 Starr's Farm said...

Well!... you made a great chose...Very Nice!

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Sounds like a nice mare! I sure love those cutting horses. ;) This is my first visit to your blog, enjoying reading about your ponies! :)

gowestferalwoman said...

And you will - both of you are working good together...