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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Scrooge

This year I am not enjoying Christmas, maybe cause it seems like we have had 6 months of winter already even if its only been 2 and I know we have at least 3 more months before it starts getting decent out.  I dunno but sure is kinda getting in my way, hate when its in the middle of the week too cause so hard for me to organize everything seems like its just a waste of a whole week not just a day or 2.

I have got my tree up, have for a couple weeks now but that is all the decorating that got done, no outside lights, no indoor decorations, never even got my super cute gingerbread house made.  But I did do some Christmas baking, including this cool red and green velvet cake.

But at least I will have something to keep me occupied during the last 3 months of winter, I guess I am going into the winter series of cutting as long as its not super cold and stormy, so starting January 11 and every 2 weeks is a show, 6 shows, ending in March unless one is cancelled they got a make up date in April.  That should keep me occupied for a while, with riding and lessons and shows, hope it isn't -20 everyday though, that gets old.

And after my lesson on Saturday I was about ready to pull Jessie's blanket and turn her out, it was bad.  And I know bad lessons come with the good but it was like I forgot everything I ever knew, and even Doug told me I need to be a better rider.  Ugg.  I know he took that back and said more meaner, no not meaner, stricter, when I wanna stop I have to make sure I wanna stop at a specific spot and make sure she does it.  I know all this but I had no focus, not sure if its cause everyone was there or what but not good.  It all started when i got there and he said I should always call before I come cause he had sick cows and we couldn't work them.  I misunderstood, I thought he said he would call if I shouldn't come.  But that's OK I am glad I went and met another couple people who ride there and one girl who is gonna show winter series too....hope shes not in my class cause her horse is way better than mine!  She just got her down at the futurity sale in Texas, pretty cool horse.

I guess for Christmas Eve we are headed down to Brooks for Neil's family and then home and chores Christmas Day and then too my family and my sister wants me to go boxing day shopping so we might do that too, got a few things I need and its kinda tradition but that means 3 days of no riding unless its super warm in the morning and I can ride out, almost was warm enough today but never got there till after dark, so I am holding out hope for tomorrow.


fernvalley01 said...

Hang in there friend! the spring will come! And Merry Christmas

Cindy D. said...


We all have those bad lessons, and I know you know that. I swear everything I learned from Mark last summer is gone. My horse and I have "actually worked" so little since our move. It will be like starting over, when we do start again.

I think it is great that you have found something to keep busy till the ground thaws though!

Cindy D. said...

Oh and Merry Christmas!

4RRanch said...

Merry Christmas, good luck in your show series. Cool looking cake.

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

Cake looks lovely ! I think at some point in our life we get the grinchy blues . Hope you have a Merry Christmas any ways .

aurora said...

We all have those not so good days, and the ultra-confusing "I said..." hang tough, better days will come!!

I am not much into Christmas this year either, too much hoopla for too many years - I want to enjoy simpler days.

Looking forward to reading about your winter show series!

lisa said...

Your cakes looks wonderful. I think the worst thing I hate is when it is so cloudy for days on end! When the sun comes out it is like I am reborn again! We have had more doom and gloom than bright days. Just think the days start to get longer now. You have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy being with your family!

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

sounds to me like you need a little cheering up, we have all been in that place a time or two, I am sure, Christmas is not the same anymore, too commercial for this kid, I know that!!
Go out and spend some time just being with your ponies, listen to them munch their hay, while you sip your coffee, there is no more soothing sound on this earth, for me anyway!!
I hope you can enjoy Christmas, and Hope its a good one for you!!