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Monday, December 16, 2013

Power Out?

Tuesday our bulls had knocked out a power box that was in the shed where they are, it put the power out to their waterer and the pump house but everything else was working.  Neil fixed up a couple wires and it was all good.

Then last Wednesday morning we woke up and there was power to half our house and not to the other half, that was weird, all breakers were on and not blown, was weird, fridge and stove didn't work, freezer did but washer didn't. We thought maybe it was in the house but Neil went out to the shop and his air compressor worked but his lights by the welder didn't.  He called his dad to see if he had any ideas and he said call the power company, so we did and he come out and thought it was either the transformer was toast or a burnt cable.  He did a bunch of tests and turned out it was a burnt cable, not sure how it happened but it needed to be replaced and so he climbed the pole and got to it.  Took him a little over an hour and then everything was turned back on.  Sure nice to have the furnace back again.  I sure love electricity when it works.

He come to our door and said thanks for calling him in the daytime, lol.  He said he was out over the cold weekend and his truck resets at -40 and it did so he had no idea how cold it was but he almost froze.  A lot nicer today in the light and only -13.  Hope that's all the electric trouble we have this year.


CDH said...

We take electricity for granted so much! Our furnace went out during our -7 degree cold snap! On a SUNDAY none the less.
Cattle are hard on the power poles even.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

These things always seem to come in twos or threes.