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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snowed In

On Monday I had an appointment at the dentist in Calgary.  I wasn't too thrilled to be going down to downtown Calgary just to get a root canal done, but that's where my dentist sent me so I was going there.  But a storm was predicted for Monday so I figured I better go on Sunday in case roads were bad.  I stopped at Chars for coffee on the way and then off to my sisters.  Sure is handy she lives there and lets me stay.

Sure enough it was pretty snowy and windy overnight and into the morning but I was only 9 minutes away (in good weather) from her house so I left an hour early since i had no idea where I was going or where to park or what the roads were like.  I found it easy, love the GPS on my phone.  got parked and in the building.  Then had no idea where to go, was harder to find it inside then it was to find the building, so I called them and she told me past the bank across the +15 and they are on the right.  I was laughing at the bank, cause after all I was in bankers hall, lol.  But I did find it and was there half hour early, oh well, better early than late.  I got in early and he was really a cool doctor, took more x-rays then told me exactly what he was doing, and as he was working he kept talking to me.  If it wasn't for my jaw getting sore from being open so long, I coulda had a nap.  I like there were a lot less power tools than a filling, i actually preferred it even if it took longer.  And the weird rubber things they used to fill the holes were neat too, I wish I coulda watched.

Afterwards had paid parking till 2 so shopped around a bit then headed back to Heidi's cause it was obviously not getting better so I decided to stay another day. I had planned for this and brought an extra day of clothes.  I kinda thought it was gonna clear off by Tuesday morning and I would head home and hope it was nice Wed to ride....haha.  On Monday night the RCMP closed all the roads out of Drumheller, you had to have special permission to leave town that's how bad all the roads were.And so roads looked bad on Tues morning and so I stayed put.  My sister worked but they had 3 people on and no one was coming in so she left them working and came home after 6 hours.  She brought lunch and we played video games all afternoon and evening, it was a lot of fun, been a while since I didn't have anything I could do.
 (the worst corner)

 (how most roads were)

 (our gravel road, looks icy but just super sunny)

But this morning I got up and the sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing so I looked at all the weather reports and roads looked pretty good, so after 11 (I waited till all the rush hour traffic was gone) and headed out.  The roads were really well clear through the city and then out of the city was good till I got to the Beisiker corner.  That corner is notoriously bad for snow buildup and it lived up to its name again.  From there too Rosebud was pretty good with spots where there was too much snow and no room in the ditch that is was piled up on the road.  But it was still passable and not slippery.  From Rosebud through Drum and hom was all clear.  Our gravel road even had very little snow but our Texas gate was snowed it but soft so I made it through and our yard probly had the worst of it.  Neil plowed it all out the day before but he said 4 foot drifts from house to shop. I am glad he cleaned it out so I could get in.
 (the bulls shed, wish my ponies had a shed)

 (frosty hungry bulls)

 (the cool snow by the windbreak...with Kali in the background)

 (Kali not sure what shes doing)

Not much wasted feed for them, kinda wish there was more so they could lay in it)

 (Jess in the sunshine, wishin she was out in the field)

(Razz, Disco and Belle out in the pasture eating grass under snow)

I went out to see the ponies and how they handled it, and they were fine, I think kinda wanted out but things will get back to normal around here soon I hope.  Lots of blown snow, but I don't think much new stuff fell.


CDH said...

Oh brrrr! But snow is so pretty when the sun is shining on it.

lisa said...

Oh my, glad you made it home safe and sound, good idea to stay at the sisters!

Country Gal said...

Yes I saw on the weather station how hard you have been hit with snow and how cold it is . Lovely photos . Our weather here has been mild this morning it is 10*C rainy the snow we got last week has all melted now ! Thanks for sharing .Stay safe and cozy and have a good week !

cdncowgirl said...

That last pic with the three out in pasture sure is pretty :)

fernvalley01 said...

good that you had a safe place to stay . Your root canal sounds way better than mine was, mine was terrible, but anything wit my teeth seems to be a wreck! LOL