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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter blues

I went down to Great Falls last weekend with my sister and mom and sisters friend.  We were all gonna travel together but then Neil wanted to come so me and him were gonna take my truck and get new tires while down there.  Then we got all this crappy cold weather and he had to stay home and feed cows and make sure we had water.  Can't expect neighbours to do chores when its so cold out unless its an emergency.  So I went down with my truck and got new tires anyways.  Kinda a long ways to drive by myself but I had an enjoyable ride just crank the music and sing along. 
Got there Friday afternoon and stopped at the first tire place I saw and they said not a problem getting tires and less then a hour later I was out of there with brand new tires :).  I was still waiting for everyone else so I just went shopping and got a few things off my list before they came.  When they got there we got our hotel room amd ate and shopped some more. 
Was a late night but we only had a couple days and lots of stops so had to fit it all in. 
In the morning it was -33 and so cold but I started the truck and we went for breakfast then started truck again and it wasn't too bad.  I sure love my auto start on my truck!  I dropped them off at target and since I was there the day before I went to the western stores and was dissapointed they didn't have my jeans in my length and hardly anything else I wanted.  I am so picky now about what I want its not as much fun to shop anymore when I can't find it. 

But that was quick then to the awesome electronics/book store we always find something we want there and a neighbor asked me to pick up some fabric at the crafts store. And then the mall.  That was nice not having to go outside between lots of stores.
The hot tub at our hotel was getting relined which was sad cause I sure wouldn't mind sitting in it for a while.  But none the less we had a lot of fun.  Sunday we did some last minute stops and then headed home.  We always stop in Shelby for lunch and then home.  My sister travelled with me to the border so she could claim some of my purchases cause I was over with the tires. 
I got home and unpacked my stuff.  Showed Neil what I got and am happy I got lots for Christmas but still have a few things to get.  I was really unprepared for going cause I was in Calgary till Wed then dentist Thursday and left Friday morning.  We knew weather was gonna be kinda cold but it was supposed to warm up by Sunday.  They were kinda wrong on that one.  Still isn't very warm out and boy is it windy.
I am so tired of winter already I hate going out.  I hate being stuck in snow and all I wanna do is ride but I can't make my ponies travel that far in such cold weather.  All I wanna do is curl up and sleep till winter is over. 
I should be cleaning the house and putting up the Christmas tree but don't even wanna do that.  Have no motivation to do anything and then my internet is crappy.  And today the power is out in half our house and not the other half.  I just want warmer weather back.  I dunno if I can deal with 3 more months of this.


Cindy D. said...

The cold does the same to me. I just want to hibernate.
Luckily this year I'm not having that problem, but we will see how I am when it is 115! :-)

fernvalley01 said...

I hear ya girl they say we have already had 83 cm of snow here, and winter isnt officially on til the 21?? I am so done with it now I dont even know what to say

Janice said...

Yuck and I thought I had a reason to be unhappy. We have had crappy weather off and on. I was getting some riding in until it got way to cold....hopefully I will get in a few days as it has warmed up a bunch.I sure know what you mean about getting through 3 more months of it...very depressing.