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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve Ride

So Monday they said the weather was supposed to get nicer, well it was still -17 in the morning and I thought I still should ride but called the arena and they were booked so then went and had lunch with my friends.  I needed it after a rotten weekend.  That was good and by the time I go home it had started warming up but was almost dark.

Then Tuesday I got up and they said high of -1!!!  Wow so I waited and waited and got everything I needed done and finally right after lunch I went out and got Jess and away we went.  I had no big intentions just wanted to ride down the road and maybe if still early enough go into the field on the way home but there was a deep spot on the way to the gate so wasn't sure about that.

But about 1/4 mile out I was taking pictures and thinkin it sure was nice out and first time I ever got to ride at Christmas and Jessie kinda wandered into the ditch, snow was up to her knees and no never thought twice about it that's not too bad.  Then she took another step in and all the sudden it was almost up to my saddle!  Ooops little too deep. She tried to lunge and about as close to a buck as she could get just to get out.  We were almost to the other side and she turned and come back.  I had no real control, I ended up behind the saddle, lol.  She kept trying to lunge forward and was not getting anywhere and I knew if she did get free she would left me behind and run home.  So I kept a hold of the reins so she couldn't lunge forward and she stopped and I got off and stood on the road and then she got out.

(the spot where it happened, don't look like much)

She was pretty worked up (for her) and so I didn't want to quit then and so I reorganized the saddle and got back on and we kept going down the road.  She was pretty wary the first little while but it was good on the road and she finally relaxed and so we headed home.  I looked her over pretty good when we got home and she was fine so that was a hard workout for her even if not the traditional way.

Kali is kinda loud when I am out there, she calls even when she can not see us, and Jess never calls back but still kinda ruins it for me I like peaceful but still enjoy going out, maybe if I can ever get into the pasture I will pony her out but not until I know.
 (Bailey wishin I was takin her)

(Kali being silly waiting for us)

I didn't get to ride the 25th or 26th and so yesterday I got out again.  It was another nice day and so the down the road we went.  She was watching but it had just been plowed so it was easy to see where the edges where and she never even went anywhere that looked slightly deep.  But was a good ride.  I would like to trot some but am afraid it might be slippery so just walking it was.  Got cold again today so back to the arena tomorrow.


Cindy D. said...

Oh boy, snow up to your saddle? Yikes! Glad you made it out of the hole safe and sound. Trax probably would have left me there.

The snow rides sure are pretty from where I am sitting. As in sitting someplace where there is not snow so I do not have to be cold.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a scary moment , glad you got out safely