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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Miss Bailey

Well I have been debating for a long time on selling Bailey.  I really like her, shes a god horse when you want to go chase cows, I know I can get on her after a year and a half (cause I did it before, I dunno how it managed to be that long) I can always catch her, load her, trim her feet, whatever anytime anywhere.  However I just don't ride her much anymore.  She prefers if we ride chasing cows and seems like I do that so little anymore, except during branding.  So comes the debating on selling her.
(There's some footage of Jaret riding Jessie too cause I asked
 Tristan to video and that's what he got so I cant complain)

I actually had a girl come out this summer and try her, she has a fast horse she is scared of and just wants to ride everyday.  She come out and Bailey was at the far end of the field and so we went out with Bob(our side by side) and caught them and then since she doesn't lead by Bob I let her go and drove up to the gate and of course all the horses come running.  We caught her, she saddled her with her own saddle and bridle.  I asked if she wanted to go alone and she said she was super nervous cause of her horse so I caught Jess and we went out together.  We walked and trottted, Bailey was looking around but real good did what she asked.  But in the end she decided no, and I felt a little better I dont know if a nervous person is the one who should own her.  Funny thing though after we caught her and she was saddling her she was already impressed as the last horse she tried the spent an hour catching and then she picked up the blanket and he freaked out like hes never seen a saddle before.  Said he was a good horse after that but I woulda left at that point, yikes don't need to deal with that on a broke horse.
(Ugh forgot my spurs so its all slow, she knows
that means its not serious...even if it was)

So there is a sale in Lethbridge, a cataloged 2 day sale and its always a big one, lots of ranch horses there so I figured I should sell her there be a good place with lots of viewings cause the catalog is on the internet too.  Got all the paperwork, filled it out.  Been riding Bailey regularly and today turned her out.  Never sent in the papers just wimped out. Its a hard time of year for me to ride all the time, so much going on and its boring in the arena and no cow work before then.  I might find a sale in the spring or just list her for sale in May/June next year.  So many choices.

(Ponying Bailey of Razz, she ponies so nice :) )

(We saw Neil in the Hay corral so we had to go have a look)

I think part of the dilemma is I had planned all this before I knew Chili wasn't gonna turn out.  And trying to make other decisions with horses, I don't wanna be left with nothing but Razz to ride.  I'm keeping Dee for a while so she'll be around and Trio of course but she's just gonna be 2 next year so won't be doing a whole lot.  And Jessie, thinking of selling her and getting a better for me cutting horse.  Its a hard choice but if I wanna cut I think its the right one, will go after the Supreme and Calgary cutting mid October and talk it over and see what my options are.

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Shirley said...

You should go team penning on Bailey, I bet she'd love that.