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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hanna Rodeo All Horse Parade 2015

I'm in a new challenge again this fall, same group as the winter one but this is a shorter one and easier time for me.  Its the 4321 challenge.  so its 43 days and 21 hours horsemanship.  Im in at 3 hours so far.  it goes till the end of October so I have lots of time and doubt I will have trouble finishing this time. I picked Jessie cause I kinda wanted to get her in shape and riding again if I am gonna sell her and get another cutter.  Well I went to the Hanna Rodeo Parade today, perfect its in my challenge time.  They started it a little later than last year I think and so that was handy for me, never had to leave home till 9.  On a Parade day?????? I know pretty spoiled here :)
(I was so worried about her feet since she wasn't shod this year, 
but it was all pavement and didn't seem to bother her, if there was gravel 
I probly wouldn't have gone)

Got up there and brushed her clean, its hard to get her shiney when shes shedding summer hair and getting fuzzy but I did as good as I could, white legs and face.  And then put goop in her hair and realized I forgot a mane and tail brush.  Oh well used my body brush and it worked fairly well.  Was all ready and just sitting around visiting till parade time, that was nice.
(they had this cute little donkey dressed in overalls and a straw hat.  
She woulda gone in the parade but didn't wanna walk that far)

(Jess wasn't sure what that weird thing making a lot of noise was)

(also map my runned it, I love that program)

Its kinda a cool route too cause they go up the  road to the Old Folks Home and all the people sit outside to watch.  Then over to the Lodge, where a lot of them used to use horses so they love seeing that.  Then up to the hospital, we loop around the parking lot and the nurses wheel them out and they get to see it too.  Then down to main street where most of the viewers are.
(Close to the beginning)

(going by the Lodge)

All in all a good morning, a little chilly and cloudy but still warmer than last year.  Its too bad it was cloudy though cause the pictures don't look as good.  I'm hoping someone got a pic of me in the parade since Neil didn't come this year to take one.  I got a few off my go pro but I'm not in any, just my pony.
(Jess gets her goodies in the trailer after we are done)

(her favorite part of getting rode, lol the grazing afterwards)

(Neil thought he would put the cat on Jess, Jess was fine with
 it, the cat didn't want any part of that though.)

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cdncowgirl said...

I'm in the 4321 too, pretty sure I'll get it done unless something happens to me or Lefta **knockwood**!!

That all horse parade is pretty cool :)

I use MapMyRun too but lately it's been glitchy and not recording time/distance properly.