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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Race Day

So this year again I planned on entering the Drumheller Marathon.  Not the full marathon of course, that will probly never happen.  But I did do the 10K.  That was a spur of the moment decision, I figured I had time to train and so I entered it ahead of time so I was in and had a goal.  of course morning of race day was cold and rainy.  Good thing I preentered cause it woulda been super easy to climb back in bed.  Although I was pretty excited about it this year.
(we saw this guy walking his dinosaur....he never did the race tho :) )

I been training, 2 short runs, 2 longer bike rides and 1 long run a week.  I did my long run Sundays since that's what day the race was.  I upped it a mile a week.  I shoulda had more time but there's always a need for more time so I just done it.

I started running, which I know is a mistake but its so hard not too when everyone else starts out that way.  By 1K I was sore in the legs so I walked and got passed, then at about 3K I was feeling better so I could walk faster but by then i was so far behind everyone but I kept going.  I did start to feel a little better later on and was a little faster.  My goal time was about hour and a half.  Of course I also estimated the path wrong, I thought 10K was 6 miles, turns out it is 6.42 miles.  So i finished with 1:40:50.  not bad, I was pretty well done at the end of the race so that made me feel good that I could not have gone faster, that's always my worry that I coulda done more but not on this day.
(my shirt and medal and number)

(I never wore the shirt cause it was cccold out, 
started with rain then just cool,
 was nice to run in after the rain quit)

Not to make excuses but I was not feeling great, my lungs were sure not 100% with having a cold and then the smoke and my lungs are not clear but the legs held up and that was more than I could ask for.  I had a massage on the Wednesday before and she told me to just stretch and do yoga, no more workouts and so that's what I did, but I kinda wish I woulda done a short walk the days before just to keep it up.
(my time and Im 129 out of 131)

(and the winner, 38:27...not gonna be me ever!)

(and Neil did the 5K and faster than last year so thats cool)

Already looking for another race, theres a night race in banff, its only 5 miles so should be easy peasy and cool its at night!


lisa said...

It is great that you did finish! I don't even think I could do a marathon of any kind. (I could, but I don't think I want to work that hard ;=) Good for you, great job.

Shirley said...

Way to go Crystal!

fernvalley01 said...

well done!