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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Moving Cows with Good Friends

So the weekend before I went to get Chili I got asked to come down and help move cows.  Well heck yes :)  I always feel privileged when I am asked to help move cows.  Sometimes its easy and fun and other times its work and long days.  Either way its so worth it.  Another girl was going as well and she lives on the way and so I picked her up and we traveled together.  What a fun way to travel.  We knew each other but haven't visited in a while so it was good to catch up again.

We went the night before cause it was 4 hours away and we stayed up late visiting it was nice to have a girls night.  I brought Jessie and J brought her pally horse and after hanging out in the trailer on the ride they were best buds and hung out in the corral together had no trouble.  Of course Jessie was just happy to have grass and a friend, shes so easy.

Click on the pics to see them bigger, they look better :)

(good set of black cows)

(my view most of the day)

(and on the other side)

(Going into the valley)

(some pictures get a little wonky when riding, I wish Wilbur's tail was hanging to the side
 so it would look like we were on a real steep sidehill)

(I thank Linda for taking this I love it...and my toque lol)

In the morning a couple more friends come and we saddled up and were off.  We moved the trailer to where we were gonna quit so we didnt have to ride all the way home.  The cows were right outside the yard and we gathered them up and pushed them out.  The cows are pretty quiet and didnt really wanna leave but they were pretty good.  They get called the city cows cause they hang out near building and like the stock trailer lol.  It was a pretty ride, and not too hard, there was a nice cow trail down the hill and then we pushed them all the way to the dugout so they knew where the water was.  Seems like such a small amount of cows there compared to when I am usually riding with them.
(sitting in the back)

(neat rocks coming out of dirt hills)

(more cows in the bottom)

(cool cactus the J was shadow touching)

(taking my pic while I was visiting and not looking)

(pretty river?  only shows up when it rains)

(hard to see but the US border is over the valley, its all crop land on the other side, 
easier to see if enlarged)

Afterwards we took out the side by side and we drove on the trails to some of the cooler places down there.  Some places are just like home while others are quite different.  Lots of snakes down there and no gophers so no gopher holes that was nice.  And no brush that was weird.  And so very flat, I guess its not as flat here as I thought it was compared to there.  Really neat spot I sure enjoyed riding and touring and seeing old friends and new places.  Perfect trip, was kinda sad when it came to an end.  But I got home and the nephews were here and they missed me and were super excited when I got back so that made it a little better.
(and a pretty windy hilly road on the way home...J took this)


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's funny about the "city" cows. Glad you had a good time.

Shirley said...

Awesome place to ride! Always nice to give someone a helping hand and get to ride all day too.