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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Rode Outside :)

It is still melting like crazy, I took a couple pics at the barn so I could show how wet it is around there.  I will be glad to bring the ponies home Sunday, not that it wont be wet here but at least we will have some dry spots around.  In front of the horses pen is a lake I have to walk through, I stopped at Wallymart on Sat and bought some rubber boots.

There whole pen is kinda a mess, it is like a lake, it keeps getting wetter and wetter everyday.  Although it is kinda good for Jessie, she doesn't even look at the water any more she just goes through it, slowly but she does it.

(even in front of the barn doors is water)
It was so nice out I caught Razz first, well she didn't give me much choice  she pushed Jess out of the way and stood at the gate, lol.  And I rode in for a bit then ventured outside.  She usually does not want to voluntarily leave the yard by herself so I just let her go as far as she wanted.  We only made it past all the horse pens and up to the houses.  But that's OK, it was her choice.  Its funny its hard for her to leave the yard but if I trailer her somewhere she is fine to ride out alone, but she is not leaving her buddies behind I guess.

Then afterwards I put up her tail in the tail bag and I cut 18 inches off it and it finally does not hit the ground anymore.  Its a medium so I thought it would have fit, maybe it I tied it to the top of her tail it woulda but not below the bone.  Hopefully that will keep her tail a little cleaner till I get her where there is not so much water.
(the cats were so funny all in the wheelbarrow at once)
Then put her back and got Jessie.  We also rode inside and then Denise was there and wanted to ride out so we did.  We only rode up to the road cause its probly wet and slippery farther out but it was nice to go outside even for a short time.  Then another girl had a young horse she was lunging in the arena and he is pretty unsure so we just waited and so my ride took a lot longer than I had planned but it was good.  And then I made Jess work a little bit later and boy was she stopping nice, so we called it a day.


Shirley said...

That water is what we had in February here. Glad you are getting in some riding time.

Paint Girl said...

Oh goodness, the snow melt made a huge mess!! Yikes. Actually I wish I had a lake like that right now to train Chance to go through water. That is the only thing she won't do.
That's great that you got out on some rides! I am hoping to get a couple trail rides in soon!

Cindy D. said...

Wow! That is a whole lot of water!

cheyenne jones said...

Finally catching up with you all! Hi!! Looks pretty wet! We have had a good dry two weeks at last! Sunny, snow is slowly melting, but the East wind? Its a bitter one!!