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Friday, April 12, 2013

Thorlackson Fundraiser show April 6/7

So I finally got the videos loaded, it really wasn't that bad, I just set them to upload when I was going away and doing something else for a while and come back and they were ready.  Before the show, Friday I had a lesson and I worked he flag first and it was OK, I was finally getting her to move off my leg and wait for me rather than just turn in, I think that will be an ongoing process with us.  Then I walked her around a bit and let her catch her breath then we went outside to work cows.  I got the first cow out and he was telling me all sorts of stuff, I had heard before but for some reason my brain was not comprehending.  So he says he will get on her. So that worked well, she tried the same stuff for him and he got her better and gave her to me and said, lets try that.  Didn't leave me with a lot of confidence, but what else is there to do?  So I headed back to the barn and Jessie got to stay inside cause of the mud, so I cleaned her up real nice and put her away for the night.  Went home and tried to get ready for the show, but all I could think about was being not ready....

So Saturday morning I got up bright and early at 4:30 (they said only 55 cuts all day so don't be late).  Well I overestimated the amount of time it took to drive there and was there at 7.  Oh well, sat in my truck for a while cause no one was around and then about 8 another trailer showed up and it was the girl I met a Doug's last week.  So we saddled up and visited and had coffee and took the ponies inside and got kinda organized and then got on and started riding about 9 when the show actually started.  It was a little early so we took a break and then got back on again and our class started about noon.  I was fist in and so in I went.  The first cow out of the herd I made a mistake on stopping too soon before I was in the middle of the cow and as soon as I did it I knew it was gonna be bad and sure enough it was, good thing Dustin was there to stop it for me.  After that was better, my second cut was really nice and that cow was perfect for me.  The third cow was OK, but I was losing control as the buzzer went.  I was pretty impressed with how it went and got a 69 for a score and ended up second place.  Woulda won money too, if it wasn't a fundraiser show and we were asked to donate all winnings from the Sat show back.  But that's OK, Sunday was a new day and a regular show.

But no good luck on Sunday.  I got up at 6:30, much more reasonable time to get up, and it was snowing!
 I got there about 9 and got Jessie ready and brought her inside.  I got to watch for a bit and got on around 10 and we went around noon again.  I was second in and I dunno if I didn't get her tired enough or what, but she wasn't the same as the day before.  I was having a better time getting a cow out of the herd, but after that she would not stop and kept turning in towards the cow.  Was so frustrating   And the last cow she walked right up to the top of the pen with it, even if I had my leg in her, she wasn't listening.  I was not happy and it showed with a score of 64, which put me in 4th place.

 I guess I am in the right class though cause I am in the middle of the pack, I was always worried what class to go in cause I am new to this but seems like I am OK here for a while.  At least till I earn $2000 dollars as its a $2000 limited rider class.  I think I can stay in all year but if I get more I will have to move up next year.  So far I am at $165 for the one show I been too, lol got a ways to go yet.


Country Gal said...

Fantastic job , looking good girl ! Congrats !

lisa said...

Better early than late! Good work and keep on trying! Practice makes perfect.

Cindy D. said...

Oh that was cool to watch! I don't know anything about cutting but thought you did great!

cdncowgirl said...

It's too bad she didn't work as well on the second day :( I don't know a lot about cutting but she sure looked like she just wasn't into it that day.
She sure is nice though and I agree with you, she's a good horse for you to start out on.