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Friday, April 26, 2013

More Lessons and Whatnot

The last little while I haven't been blogging as much as usual.  No reason really.  I have about a million things to blog about and if I could just talk to my computer and have it type out the blog while I am doing something else (like driving  to lessons) it would be so much easier.  But since that is unlikely to happen here I am late again.

Tuesday I went for a lesson and we worked cows and it was really good.  I was a little worried cause I missed out on my second lesson last week and so it had been a week since I done anything cutting like and that was only the flag so I thought she would be super fresh, but seems like everything we did was right.  I am much quicker at correcting her and its catching on quicker to her as well if I can catch it every time she makes a mistake.  One time I thought she was going before the cow and so I stopped her from it but Doug said it was alright she was just stopping the cow.  So confusing!  But we just moved on and got more good stop and waits.   After the lesson I asked him if I should use her for other stuff and he said absolutely!   And if I get a chance, stop with a cow and turn and wait on them.  He says roping is really good for them, heeling only cause headers get ahead of the steers and don't want to start that.  So I dunno, maybe I should start some team roping?  I'm glad I asked, cause I figured it was OK, but I don't wanna mess her up.  I also asked about a trainer to start Jazz and he gave me a name so I may call him, I kinda know him, more heard of him than actually know him, but everything I hear about him sounds good so may give it a shot.

Then Wed Neil's Dad came out to repack all the rest of the bearings on the trailer and turns out the one I broke actually wrecked the hub and so it wore and the dust cap doesn't really fit on and so we are getting a new one, Neil is picking it up in town today and it should be on tonight. But in the meantime I had already booked a lesson for Thursday so had to take Neil's stock trailer and his truck.  What a pain, I hate not having my truck cause it has everything in it.
 (we went to the farrier last week and tried getting pics, 
but the ponies were not very cooperative :)

But I got to the lesson and Doug says we are gonna work the flag first then a single cow cause she can be kinda fresh on cows, so we went to the flag and it was so good!  I hardly corrected her at all, just a few times when we start we always ask for the stop and back up, but after that if my legs were on her at the right time we did well.  I am starting to learn how my legs can work in connection with the flag and now if I just translate that over to cows it will be good.
 (Jessie is shedding a little bit, she don't have much winter hair left :) )
(after our lesson, she deserves all the goodies :) )

I been riding out at home, but its a pain cause every time I leave with Jessie and leave Razz behind, Razz makes a tonne of noise the whole time, i gotta move them into a bigger pen so I can keep another horse in there so she is not alone.  I would keep Jessie by herself cause she is usually OK with that but everything is working so well I don't want to change anything and mess it up.


Louisa Valentina; said...

Sounds like you and Jessie are really finding your mojo! You guys are going to tear it up this season!! =)

Cut-N-Jump said...

Next season you might come back down to AZ and hit a few of our shows. Why not give it a shot and see how it goes?

Linda said...

I have a hard time blogging when things get busy..in the winter there's not much to blog about and now....no time. I envy you getting to go to for lessons.....I don't have the jam for that;)

4RRanch said...

Isn't it great when your horse starts working out for you so well. Makes me want to take a lesson, but maybe reining instead of cutting.