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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Its Still Winter...or A Spring Storm

Well sure glad i picked Friday to go for a lesson, cause on Saturday when i got up it was pretty miserable out.  Thought it was only gonna snow a little then get warm and melt, not so much.  I was talking on the phone to my mom and saw the birds trying to find a dry spot :)

So not much happened yesterday, we got a bottle calf (what a pain) and so he got fed 3 times and heifers and cows checked and Neil fed the cows, they are all hanging out in the creek where its not so windy.  We had a new calf yesterday morning and it was running after its mom last night so I guess it will be alright.  No others so far....I hope they wait till tomorrow at least.

Then this morning was more snow and although there is wind, less than yesterday and it isn't very cold out, just below freezing so hope everything comes out OK and we don't get any sick ones.  Was pretty miserable for us humans outside too, pretty hard to stay dry for more than a minute in the deep wet snow.  The ponies are not very happy, although I think they got the best spot in the yard for this kind of storm.  Even though the ground is wet they are in a low spot and with the tall fence there is very little wind in there and it actually felt decent in there (which is probly why the ground is not frozen I guess)

Sure hope it goes away, they say the snow should quit this afternoon and I hope so and the sun comes out.


Shirley said...

Okay enough with the snow already, mother nature! It's almost summer!!!!

cdncowgirl said...

It really feels like "Everwinter" here in SK. As in winter for ever. **sigh** Where the heck is spring?
ps don't hate me for being glad that we're not the only province going through this lol

Lauren said...

Holy snow!

Anonymous said...
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Cut-N-Jump said...

I bet you were wishing you were back down here in AZ about now... It was breezy over the weekend but sunny enough out to be warm. To read- tank top riding weather in the late afternoon & I still managed to get sunburned.

High today of 87F so it is steadily getting warmer, but not blazing hot yet. I might trade ya when June or July hit, but right now? Nope.