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Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Plans

The other day it was halfway warm out and I got busy cleaning out my tack room in preparation for use again.  Right now I am using my white trailer as a tack room cause there was so much snow in front of my tack room, it is melting but now there is a lot of water still sitting around.

I started to put all the stuff I probly won't use this summer in the rubber maids and hanging in the back, and the stuff I will use up front where I can get at it.  I for sure put away all my driving stuff and the foal stuff since there is none of that going on this year.

My plans this summer, showing Jessie, of course.  But around that I want to get Jazz started, either by me or by someone else ( I would prefer someone else but I am so picky about who handles my horses I am having a hard time finding someone).  I want to get a couple months on her and then probly turn her out and maybe ride her more in the winter.  And I want to get something done with Magic.  I am thinking I will keep her in with Bailey in the corral and hopefully get somewhere, I am not as worried about riding her as much as I am about getting her able to be haltered and leading and picking up her feet without a fight, after that we will see what I can do.  Oh speaking of her, I got a pic of her leg that was so horribly rubbed, it is almost better, 2 of the holes are healed and one is still on its way, its a little swollen, but she is putting weight on it normally so that is always good.

I also plan on riding Razz and maybe Bailey for cow work this summer, I haven't used Bailey much in the last couple years, but this year I would like to cause I have to sell some horses and she is probly on the list.  I would like to get down to 4 or 5 around here, that means selling 4 or 5.  I know for sure George and Jessie and Razz will stay, but after that I am not sure.  I should also ride Kali, but for early spring she will get turned out cause I can't keep everyone in and I don't want too many horses that it seems like work rather than fun.
(The wind blew the bulls empty mineral tub through the fence 
and Bailey was tipping it over, it was sure entertaining to watch, 
I love a curious horse, and she is one!)

Other than horses, I really want to finish my basement room I been putting off for a couple years, and the deck needs to get done, hopefully before we brand in early June.  And I want to get my garden in, and I think that will be enough to keep me busy.  Course I will probly find more stuff to do as summer goes along.


Cindy D. said...

Wow, your tack room looks great. All of my stuff is in the horse trailer, and it is a disaster. I can't wait till I have a tack room to keep the excess in.

cheyenne jones said...

My tack room looks like a pack of wolves spent the night there! Yours is well, perfect!

lisa said...

I don't think I will even go into what I would love to accomplish this summer, I will get to depressed :~) Hope you get everything accomplished! good luck