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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a full weekend planned, Saturday we headed to Brooks for Neil's Dads birthday and then Sunday we had planned to go to Olds to my Moms house for Easter Dinner.  Saturday worked well, and we come home and had one new heifer calved and so no problems.  Then came Sunday.

Saturday before we left there was a cow in the creek pasture calving and she was doing fine so we left for town, we came back after dark so never went and had another look at her.  Sunday morning Neil went out to check on her and she hadn't had the calf...not good.  So he took his bob out there and brought her back to the yard.  Turns out she was a heifer who somehow got out.  If we knew she was a heifer we woulda watched her a little closer.  Well the calf was dead so we pulled it out.  It was presented right and wasn't that big so I don't know why she never had it on her own.  But then as she was laying in the corral, and we were getting ready to leave, she prolapsed.  So we called the vet and she come out and stuffed her back in and sewed her up.  But by then it was too late to leave for dinner so we just had BLTs instead of ham and scalloped potatoes.   We will go another day and have dinner with them, wont be the same with the whole family but that's how it works sometimes with cows.

It wasn't all bad, our snow is melting something crazy and the road is kinda a mess and really hard to get through.  And it was kinda nice to have a day to do nothing in, well kinda nothing.  But back to it today going riding and hopefully a couple more lessons this week then the show next weekend.  I am kinda nervous about it.  I know I am not really ready to show, but then again I also know I put it off all last summer and might as well get going if I want to.  I am also nervous about going alone.  That will be hard, always easier when there is someone going with me somewhere, but I am pretty familiar with the arena which is nice but still scary.


Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of the calf , so the heifer didn't make it either ? that's a shame but that's farming isn't it ? Oh you will be fine at the show I know you got it in ya and will do a great job ! All the snow has been gone here for over a week now and spring is showing but the temps are still cold and the winds still have a bite to them ! Hoping it warms up soon here ! Have a good day !

Cindy D. said...

sorry about the calf, can't wait to hear how you do at the show.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Just catching up, but you should be fine at the show. Just remember to breathe, relax and have fun- things will go smoothly or they won't and there's always next time. You will have a good idea of what you need to work on to improve and I can't wait to hear how it goes. Knock 'em dead!

Shirley said...

Sorry to hear about the calf, it's always sad when new life doesn't make it. Hope the heifer is ok.
Have fun at the show- that's what it's all about!