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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back to Lessons

Thursday morning I got my trailer hooked up bright and early and picked up Jessie then stopped at Chars to pick her up and off we went to my lesson.  There was lots of people there!  It was so weird.  I had never met any of them before but we all introduced ourselves and they all seemed really nice.  I had to warm up in the indoor and then when it was my turn we went and worked cows in the outdoor pen.

I know that I always have to work on stops, and we did, but at one break time I said it frustrates me when she turns in to face the cow after she stops.  He said it did him too, lol.  But if I get a good stop and act like I know what I am doing she will quit doing that.  OK that was good so I did not worry about that any more just went to working on stopping when the cow stopped.  And by golly I think I did it a few times!  The last cow we worked I only had to turn her twice and we stopped both ways!!!  Ya I think maybe I am learning something  lol.  Sometimes I wonder when I have to work on the same thing over and over again.

Then on my way home I stopped at the barn to drop off Jessie and I knew Razz needed a different blanket so I grabbed her and was brushing her and another girls stopped in so I decided to ride with her.  It was the best ride I have had on Razz this year, she is just better with other people riding I guess (and maybe I am too with her)  She was so good, even though there was a guy lunging his horse at the one end and his little boy running in and out of the arena every 10 minutes with a cat he caught   Although she still couldn't get over the box that sings, lol she spent a lot of time looking at that. I rode her a little harder than I had planned but she was so good and even kinda relaxed.

Not realizing it until yesterday when I went to ride, my legs were sore, not sure if it was from cutting or riding Razz, but its been a long time since I been sore from riding.  I did ride Jessie on Friday and she was good while riding, but a dork when I went to get her.  It is melting something serious down at the barn and for the last 3 days there has been a puddle in front of their gate that she has walked through no problem, but of course on Friday she decided she didn't know how to cross water.  Ach!  So I kept trying to get her to walk across it and then she tried to jump on me rather than walk through the water, that is not acceptable ever, so then I got upset.  I backed her through the water and made her walk in in all the way to the barn.  Funny thing later she had no problem walking through the water outside the barn.  I know in my mind she was just testing me as she does randomly it just gets annoying when she is normally so easy going.  Then I go to get Razz and I cant get her out of the water, lol.  She was just standing all 4 feet in water eating the little bit of grass showing under the snow.  Such a difference.

But I rode with Lu and Jessie was really good, did pretty much everything I asked really nice, she was so sweet, almost like she was saying sorry.  Its so hard to stay upset at her cause she is so nice.

Then today we headed into Brooks for Neil's Dad's birthday celebration and it was a good day.  Tomorrow we are heading to Olds for Easter Dinner.  Kinda hard for us to get away this time of year cause of the calving but we always try to get away for Easter, it gives us a break.


gowestferalwoman said...

Happy Easter Crystal to you and yours and all your 4 legged critters too!

if the top of your thighs hurt, then you were working too ;)Good Job Razz & Jesse - youll keep your mom fit until shes in her 90's !!! :D

fernvalley01 said...

some things take forever to learn and then just all of a sudden boom! you got it