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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ACHA Clinic 2013

I got home and since my trailer was stuck in snow, Neil had to pull it out with the tractor and he almost never made it, I unpacked most of my suitcase and repacked a bag for the clinic.  I also got everything ready in the truck for Jessie.  She is much easier to pack for than me cause she always gets the same stuff.  I headed up to  Madden Saturday morning bright and early and it took less time than I thought so I was there early, but it was kinda nice to just have a bit of time to relax.
(the mountain view on the way to the clinic)

Then we got ready and worked the flag first.  It has been so long since I really did anything we were so out of whack  but we got a few good stops by the time our turn was up.  Then we worked a single cow, that went pretty good, but still needed some work on keeping her straight and stopping.  After lunch we worked another single cow and that was much better.  It made me laugh when Doug said to me "I don't know what you just did, but keep doing it"  I thought that was a good sign, if I only knew what I was doing it would be better, lol.  We finished about 4 and put Jessie in her stall and unhooked my trailer and headed out to see my mom.  She lives about 30 minutes from there so it was nice to get to see her.  We went out for supper and then visited for a while then went to bed.

The next morning I headed back to the clinic and we worked with the cows from yesterday just practicing cutting a cow out from the herd.  It was really neat, and boy did I forget a lot, I had a real hard time but I eventually got it.  Then we did one more pass on the flag and it was good then one more time we worked a single cow, we had 3 each.  The first one I had a real hard time getting ahead of it on the ends, but as soon as I got there it slowed right down and then I went on to the second cow.  I was better at getting to the ends and my stops starting coming together, so we just stopped there.  I was still having trouble getting her to stop straight but it was better.

Then I got Jessie untacked and we headed home.  She was tired and so was I, it was a good clinic and I learned a lot.  I am so glad it was much better than last year, I almost wasn't gonna go but since Doug and another lady I didn't know were hosting it I thought I would try again.  I'm glad I did, got me back in the mood for cutting again, and hope to go for more lessons this week and to the first show on April 6/7.  I listed all the shows this year, I would like to go to all the ACHA shows (except Kamloops) and maybe some central shows, but we will see how it goes


lisa said...

Glad the clinic went good, and you weren't stuck for too long! Good thing for tractors!

Cindy D. said...

Sounds like fun, I would love to do a cutting clinic. I think Trax would do well at it.

Paint Girl said...

That's great! Doing something like that always gets me so excited to keep going for it! I am going to be doing something new with Chance soon and I am so nervous but excited as well. I will be making an announcement soon on my blog!
I actually might try cutting with Chance this year. I've been invited to a cutting trainer's barn for a cutting lesson. I would love to give it a try!