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Sunday, March 24, 2013


While we were down at the ranch we were not that far away from Tombstone so we thought we should take a day trip out there.  But first I have to share this cool cactus we saw at the ranch, it looked pink and almost plasticy (but I didn't touch it to find out, lol)

Oh and a couple more ranch pics, including the awesome sunset and the cow I thought was cool.

Anyways back to Tombstone, first we stopped at Boot Hill Graveyard and it was pretty amazing how many people were killed down there in a short period of time!  Some of the graves I had never heard of until we walked through town and saw some of their names around.

Then we drove and found a place to park so we could walk up and down Main Street.  We stopped at the Crystal Palace for lunch.  it was a Saloon way back, but now was an awesome burger place, we were recommended to go there by the ranch owners mom.  She was right it was good, but how could it not be with that name :)

There was lots of cools stuff going on and the shootout at the OK Corral, which we missed, but it was a hot day and so we headed back to the ranch after having ice cream.  I talked to Neil a couple days later and told him we were in tombstone and he sounded dissapointed.  I think he wanted to go so I may get to go back again one day.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Tombstone is very cool. We've been to all those places you mentioned, but didn't eat at the Crystal Palace...but they should have gave you a discount since it is your palace and all. lol!

The photo of the cool looking cow cracked me up. Did you notice the guy in the background getting it on with another cow? lol!

Gorgeous sunset, too. And I love the silhouette with the Century Plant!

When you take Neil there next time, you should drive a little farther south and visit Bisbee, too!


gowestferalwoman said...

Goodness Crystal; you travel more then a movie star! I am so glad for it though - i always wondered what Tombstone actually looked like!

Your pictures could be in a travel brochure!

Marissa Rose said...

Wow! That looks awesome! Glad you had a good time!

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Sure wish I had been there, maybe............some day!! Sounds like you had an awesome time, and thats what matters!!!

Cindy D. said...

I believe that little cactus is a hedgehog cactus- if my memory serves me correctly.

Many many years ago (30 to be exact) I lived in Sierra Vista, in a terribly abusive relationship, with a monster disguised as a man. I was very young, so he had a pretty good control over me, but when it was absolutely too much for me to stand I would run away. I would hitch hike to Tombstone and just get lost there for a full day. No body knew me, nobody wanted to ask me any questions, I could just "be" while being invisible. I cannot tell you how much peace and serenity I found on the streets of that little town. I would spend hours and hours in the museums. It was my refuge. Eventually I would have to go home, I had no choice, I had no place else to go (I thought at the time) but eventually would find myself back on the streets of Tombstone again, seeking solace in the most unlikely place.

I have not been there since I finally found the strength to leave that monster, but Tombstone will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope to take TC there someday. I know that it will be different for me, as I won't be hiding next time, and I won't be trying to get lost. But I will be interested in seeing what feelings come up when I go.

And what Laughing Orca said about Bisbee...dead on, great place to go!

Thanks for posting those pics, it was a nice little trip down memory lane for me.

Shirley said...

I sure hope you do buy a place in Arizona, it will be one more reason for me to drag my sorry butt down there for a vacation. I'd sure rather go there than to a hotel in some tropical location.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! I love the old western towns . Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good evening !