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Saturday, March 2, 2013


So its the middle of the night and I can't sleep cause I am too excited, which sucks cause I have to be out of the house before 8 tomorrow morning to go scrapbooking at a friends all day.   I am gonna work on my cruise vacation but only got the first 5 days of pictures. Sorted so I hope that will keep me busy all day. 

So while I should be sleeping I downloaded blogger on my tablet, so far works pretty good but I do prefer typing on a real keyboard better cause I make less mistakes.

I went to the barn finally today and got to ride both Jessie and Razz.  I missed Wednesday cause we got all our cows in and sorted the heifers off so we can watch them a little closer when they calve which should be in a couple weeks.  Then Thursday neil had to take his truck into Duchess to get worked on so I picked him up and we took his mom and dad for lunch at A&W.  Sure was good, been a long time since I been there.

Sure still loving Jessie and she is so calm.  There was chaos of jumps and poles and barrels and fake flowers in the arena and first thing she wants to do is head over and eat the flowers, lol.  Razz on the other hand wanted nothing to do with them until I tried to keep her away from them thenn she thought she should be over at them.  Had a good ride on her there today as well, first day she actually was relaxed enough to not even try to break into a trot.  Pretty big step for her, so we just spent about 20 minutes walking around working on softening aand bending.

And good news about Magic she actually was putting weight on her sore foot today!!  I was pretty suspicious about the icing sugar working but it seems to have done the trick, still a long ways from being closed up but soo much better than I imagined.


Country Gal said...

Sounds like a good full day . Glad your ride went well with bot horses ! Oh have fun scrap booking with your friends ! I do scrap booking on the computer with a cool program that has so much you can do with . Have a fun day !

4RRanch said...

I've used granulated sugar on small animal wounds and it does help. I pack the wound with sugar then a light wrap. The bandage is changed and the wound flushed daily and sugar reapplied. It really works.

Shirley said...

Kinda had to laugh at that first comment by Anonymous... you are being spammed, hope you don't go to word verification!
It probably a good thing that your horses are diverse, it keeps you thinking and can only be good for your learning curve.
Have a good scrapbooking day!

cheyenne jones said...

Yep spams the word! been on mine too.

Paint Girl said...

That's great that you had good rides on both horses today. Also good to hear Magic is healing up.
Thankfully I have only had a couple spam comments in the 4 years I have been blogging and I just delete them. I know some people get a lot. And I hate word verification. I read most blogs from my phone now and I can barely see what the wv is from my phone, so I took wv off my blog to help others.
Hope you have a fun day scrapbooking!

fernvalley01 said...

Hope you had fun scrapbooking , and I am glad to read Magics wound is improving . If you go to your dashboard and put each spam comment into junk when you get them rather than delete , blogger eventually gets the hint and automatically puts them there