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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Catching Up

So the last couple days after the clinic I have just been chilling out at home and trying to catch up on everything I haven't done since I been gone, mostly laundry, cleaning and emails.  It takes forever to do everything from 2 weeks I never imagined it to take so long.  I also have been battling a cold since last Tuesday and am worried now that it is not just a cold but turning into bronchitis.  I sure hope it isn't cause I got things to do!

Yesterday I went out and met my friends for lunch and then went out to the barn.  I caught both girls and rode Jessie and just brushed Razz.  I was so tired I just couldn't ride both.  But I have a lesson tomorrow so I better ride Jessie.  I have decided that Razz is such a good ranch and trail horse and she really doesn't like the arena and I am tired of trying to turn her into an arena horse that I am not gonna worry too much if I don't get many rides on her till I take her home.  I would like her to be in a little better shape for when I gotta ride out, but I guess that will have to happen at home.  If the ground was not so icy around the barn I woulda rode outside it was so warm out.

And since I was there I took a couple pics of the ponies out in the pen since they will only be there about a week and a half more.  I plan on going to the April 6/7 show (as long as Doug thinks I will be ready) and after that will be bringing the girls home.  I hope the ground is free of snow by then and if the weather forecast is to be trusted than it will continue to get warmer and warmer out.  I don't have another show for another 2 weeks after that so I should be able to just ride outside for excersize and keep going for lessons.
(Razz kinda did a number on her blanket, good thing spring is on the way)

Every time I ride Jessie, it reminds me how lucky I am to have found her.  She is so nice and just takes stuff in stride.  I can't even believe for all that time before I got her I was told I would be just fine riding Razz who had no training and we could figure it out together.  Never will I ever believe that again.  I knew somewhere in my mind it was not right but it come from a "trainer" so I believed it.  I have since learned all you get when riding a horse that is not trained in cutting is frustration   So hard to imagine how much fun it is when the horse knows what to do.  And with Jessie she does better and better the better I do.  It is so rewarding to have her respond like she was trained and makes my job so much easier.  Its hard to explain till you have rode a good trained horse.  And yet through it all, Razz is still my favorite horse for some unknown reason, lol.


gowestferalwoman said...

wow - you still have a lot of snow on the ground! That makes for a looong spring...

and yes, I like riding best when i dont have to overthink every thing im doing aka- training!

Country Gal said...

Still have snow on the ground there . Here we are all snow free thankfully but the winds are still chilly. Lovely photos ! I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't turn into bronchitis . Hope you have a good Easter weekend !

lisa said...

I think that we always seem to have a favorite no matter what happens. I still really haven't found a horse that I relate to like I did my first horse. I still love my horses but haven't found the same kind of relationship I had with Bo.

cdncowgirl said...

I had to laugh at your comment about Razz still being your favourite. Just because they're not neccessarily "the best" is no reason they're not the fav :)

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

WHY, oh WHY, do they have to do that to their blankets???

Anyway, Happy Easter to you and yours, Hope the snow leaves SOON, (Here too) so you can get back to riding!!