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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Opposite of Snow -- Arizona

This morning I flew down to Phoenix.  I was here by 10, sure doesn't seem possible to be in freezing cold o so warm in under 3 hours.  There sure are a lot of people in Phoenix!!!  Whew.  Got my car rented and left the city as fast as I could, lol.  Headed east through Mesa and to Apache Junction.  I love love love Apache Junction.  And Lisa, every time I say that town I think of your horse :)
 (the Grand Canyon from the airplane)
(lots of water around)
Drove around all day looking at property and found a place I really like.  But not buying this trip, but sure is nice to find where I like.  Sure like North of Apache Junction, east of it is a lot of places as well, but they look more expensive.  
 (Superstition Mountains, North up and West below)


(the place I like, not a great pic but there were people outside so didn't want to stop)

Sure is funny how I imagined snowbirds to be, they exactly are!  Super dark and old and wrinkly, lol, like my Gramma was.  They don't seem very friendly here, but its hard to judge cause there is people from everywhere, I have seen lots of Alberta, Sask, and BC plates as well as lots from other states.  
 (rental pony place)
(this place was also for sale, but im sure it was outta my price range)

 (the park had picnic tables and BBQs)

 (the desert trail)

 (more mountains)

 (ways to get in the trail, I guess no motorized vehicles allowed, which is nice, )

 (lots of tie places at parking lot)

I seen lots of horses around, and even some old guy riding one in the trail area.  And on my way out of town, I stopped in a park and wandered around it, it is so nice here!  I may never want to leave, I walked part of the desert trail where horses go and it looks like lots of trails out there to try out.  I actually even saw a place where you can rent a horse, and almost did, but I refrained.

I now can understand more what all the Arizona people are talking about now, at home it is rare to see that many people on a few acres so close together.  And Nuzz Muzz I totally understand your blog so much more now that I have seen it for myself.  Oh it just makes me have more questions and more interest.  

Tomorrow I will head south to Queen Creek, Florence, San Tan Valley, and Casa Grande.  Maybe I will like them just as much, yikes.  This is so fun :)



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad yo're having a great time during your visit to AZ. And I love that you thought of me and my mare when in Apache Junction. :D


Laughing Orca Ranch said...
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CDH said...

Arizona is a great place to vaca. We're gonna head to Northern Cali in a few weeks! Can't wait!! Calving will be done and the green grass is growing! :) Have fun....

Linda said...

Make sure you buy a place big enough so that I can come and visit ;))))

Cindy D. said...

Oh sure...make me homesick again why don't ya!

I'll be interested in hear which area you like best. It's funny because I love AJ, but then also love QC, Florence, Eloy and Casa Grande. Used to like Gilbert but it has grown so much. The house we are trying to buy right now is in San Tan Valley. It is the perfect distance between QC and AJ.

I know that there are a couple of nice places in Florence for sale right now, and a couple in Casa Grande. There are some great places in Silverbell Estates which is considered Eloy and not too much further than Casa Grande. But they are way way out, so if you are looking for close to town, you wouldn't like it. But the prices are good,they have great horse amenities, and it is a cool little neighborhood. When I lived there in 03 there were families of 3 generations who had lived from the beginning, and kids who had no clue that you could have pizza delivered to your homes!

Anyway, happy hunting!

Cindy D. said...

Oh hey, I would check Maricopa too if I were you. I peruse my Realtors website every single day and there are some pretty decent places in Maricopa for fantastic prices!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That horse stable you saw was where my husband and I rode last weekend. You were driving all around near my place. My horse trainer loves making my lessons the last of the day, because she likes the weather in Apache Junction so much more than anywhere else, and she feels like she can relax and wind down when she comes out here. We've often got a gentle breeze and it's cooler than other east valley locations. When I was shopping for houses in Queen Creek in February of last year, I noticed the it was muggy and I feel a bit stifled by the humidity. I've felt nothing but comfortable here in AJ since the heatwave ended in November.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Correction: I noticed that it was muggy and I felt a bit stifled by the humidity.

Too many people talking at me while I'm trying to type.

fernvalley01 said...

What a great trip, so close , maybe you can connect with a few of our fellow bloggers

lisa said...

I have been to the Grand Canyon and that is one place that I would love to take the hubby some day. Enjoy and like Linda said, buy a place big enough so we all can visit :~)

Shirley said...

Kind of exciting to be window shopping for a place- maybe next year Neil will see the light and you can be a snowbird too- but not the old dark wrinkly kind!