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Friday, June 30, 2017

Moving Cows

Tuesday Neil headed up to the north place to check fences and fix the gates that were driven through last winter.  He said everything was good so Thursday he organized a trucker and we were taking 45 pair up there.  He told him we would be ready at 9.  I thought was a bit early for my liking but oh well get it done I guess.  He got the cows in, we had 10 to vaccinate so we cut them out and the dry cow and got them done that was quick then sorted calves and cows and we thought he shoulda been here but of course neither of us has a watch so we go get his phone and he got a call from the trucker.  He was almost here and his truck just quit him, would hardly pull an empty liner so he turned and went back to the local trucking place and they were looking at it he had no idea on time.  Ugh.  Not his fault but still we were ready this time lol.  So Neil called another guy and he said he would be out in about an hour had to go get truck and that would be no big deal.  Perfect (lucky really)  So he got her and we got loaded and out of here.  He took a load, Neil took the leftovers and I had the flat deck with the bike on just in case something went wrong.
(the shovel from the Forestburg mine)

2 hours later we were up there and all the cows mothered up in no time and so that was nice, we had a visit and they cleaned out trailers and I unloaded mine, bike was staying up overnight.  I took a few pics while Neil checked one spot and then let the cows out and then off we went to Halkirk for supper.  We were a bit early for wing night (darn it looked good) but I had philly cheese steak and Neil had hot hamburger and it was really good, specially since we missed lunch.
(the house up there finally caved in)

(cows in the corral waiting for Neil)

(Neil coming over the hill on his bike)

(after that trail clinic I couldn't help but find trails through the trees up there)

(pretty thick in some areas)

Got home did chores and that was enough for one day.  Today Neil took up 3 bulls and had some trees to chop down that were leaning on the fences.  Now those cows will be happy up there till October.  We may take a few more in our trailer up there as the summer goes on cause a lot of grass up there but hard to say what will happen yet.


Shirley said...

Yeah great grass there! Looks like a good place to take your horse and hang out for a few days. Are there other places nearby to ride?

Mrs Shoes said...

Man, SO much beautiful grass.... I miss AB. Pasture here tends to be..... lacking.
In AB we had a 6 acre pasture that we had to hotwire off so we could get the horses in off it in the afternoons, otherwise they'd be big as houses. Here, they graze all day & no one gets fat. I'm pretty sure my horses miss AB too. The cows were born here; can't miss what they never had.

Crystal said...

We only have a half section out there and we can ride up there but not much places to go. Other than private property up there there is a Provincial park but I'm not sure we can ride in it, I may have to find out cause it would be cool.