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Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Hawk

Our tree at the end of the road has a nest in it that every year is taken by red tailed hawks, unless the geeses get there first, but I only remember that happening once.  We been trying to watch him grow up, usually there is a couple in there but this year looks like only one.
(June 22)
So cute and they grow so fast in a couple weeks he looked almost grown up
(July 2)
He hasn't left the nest yet but  he has been spotted sitting on the branch next to the nest, not sure if his mom and dad are trying to kick him out yet or not, getting hard to tell him/her from the adults.  We don't go by the corner much and don't want to disturb them too much so been trying not to go all the time and get pics, but if we do go by....


CDH said...

Baby hawks have to be the funniest looking babies. But the grow up to be go beautiful. Great photos!
This is the first year that we had a pair of bald eagles nesting on the creek and they had babies. We left them alone so they would stick around and come back next year. There is also a golden eagle nest down the creek. Haven't seen that one. But have seen the eagles. They like dead coyotes. :)

Shirley said...

What a cute little fuzzball! Much cuter than the baby ravens.