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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flooding on The Red Deer River

On the 23rd of June we headed to Olds for a mix of a Mothers Day and Fathers Day Welcome Summer BBQ at my Moms house.  We wanted to stop at Dorothy and have a look over the bridge like we did in 2005 when it flooded last time.  It was kinda rainy and miserable so we got a few pics and then left.

On the way home the sun was shining so I got a few pics while we were driving, well Neil was driving this time so I got to take pics on the way.

Then we decided to stop at the Dorothy bridge, I think it looks so pretty in the summer when the grass is green and long.

It was much better stopping on the way home but I was sure glad we had bug spray cause were they sure bad out there!  We saw a couple neighbors who had the same idea and so that was fun to visit with them.

 Then almost home we thought we should stop at Finnegan and see the water there, they had pulled the ferry a few days before and so it wasn't in and I don't think the water was near as bad as last time.  But still kinda high.  We were a few hours before the predicted peak but still impressive.

As far as I know a few houses in the Drumheller/Lehigh area was flooded but otherwise much better prepared and so not so much damage done.


CDH said...

Beautiful pics. Love the one with the yellow bridge off in the distance. It looks like its just sitting there. Very cool!

Cindy D. said...

Wow, it is soo pretty there!

4RRanch said...

We are having a bit too much water here too. It's raining nearly every day. We are usually in a drought by this time most years so I shouldn't complain. You had asked if we planned our trip. We had a good idea where we wanted to stop for the first part and my husband had planned to go to circle 5 and Kit Pharo's but we just picked a place each night to stay and sometimes just saw something along the road that we wanted to see.