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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Map My Run/Ride

So I have this app where I can GPS track all my rides where I go and how far and how fast.  Its kinda cool.  I had originally downloaded the app for running to keep track of intervals and distance and speed, but thought I would use it for riding to just to see how far I have gone, but then the other day was looking through it has all kinds of activities, everything from horseback riding to badminton to housework.  Kinda cool so I set it to horseback riding and it even tells me how many calories I burned!  I love it.


This was today, the longest ride I have done so far while tracking and just checking how it will work out here.

It sure makes it more exciting to go out riding, I just wanna go a hundred times and track all my routes :)

But for tomorrow I am going for another lesson and so it will be on hold till the next day I guess.


Paint Girl said...

I should really get that app! It would be neat to track all my riding!

cheyenne jones said...

Hi Crystal, just got that app! Trying it today, maybe get it posted.