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Friday, July 19, 2013

A Gift and a Lesson

Wednesday in the mail I got a package.  I love getting packages, even more so when I don't know they are coming :)  Well to be honest I did know this one was coming but had no idea what it was or when it was coming.  So when I opened it was amazed at the amazing art work inside.  A whole pile of cards from Deb (Greymare) at Never Too Old blog.  I had won her foaling contest and she sent me cards her daughter had drawn.   They are so nice I never want to use them.  But we will have to see, will certainly be picky about who they would go to.

That afternoon I had a lesson so away me and Jessie go. I was pretty excited but nervous as well.  It had been a while again, Doug was in Vegas for a week or so and I was busy and I dunno no real reason.  But I finally went over.  It was the day after our fairly hard ride so she was kinda tired.  Kinda nice really.  We warmed up and then he asked if I wanted to work cows and so I said sure (although was surprised we didn't work the flag first) And we picked slow cows and she was pretty good.  A lot better than I figured she would be after that long.  She still needed help stopping and staying straight sometimes but all in all I was impressed.

I untacked her and went to talk to Doug and he asked if I was leaving her.  Well that was a surprise. I knew she was staying but I didn't expect it to be that day!  So I did.  He said don't come back for 3 weeks, and I said that was forever, so he said 2 weeks, lol.  I am pretty excited for her to get finished but kinda sad to have her gone.  Wish Jazz was back cause at least she would keep me busy.

I found an empty pen and put her in there and got in my truck to leave as I was driving away, she was looking all sad so I thought I should take a pic and as I stopped she was like Oh this feeder still had hay in it!` Guess she will be fine there, lol.


lisa said...

Gifts are so nice, especially when you win them, I don't win often, but when you do it sure is great and those are lovely cards!

fernvalley01 said...

Debs daughter is quite the talented little lady , I have a few sets of her cards and she did a lovely pic o f Phoenix for me at Christmas a couple years ago. Congrats on winning

Country Gal said...

The cards look beautiful ! What a lovely package to get ! Sounds like all had a good day ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !