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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Stuck

Neil was welding down in the creek and he had loaded his welder on Bob and needed the tractor down there as well cause it was pulling the generator to run the welder, so he asked me to give him a ride home to pick up his tractor.  So I followed him down the creek hills in his red truck.  He said there is a washout on the side of the trail so try to stay out of it by keeping left but not too far left cause there is a coulee there.  great just what I wanted, well it was all going good till a chunk of the trail I was on fell into the washout and pulled the whole truck over and into the hole.  Neil was quite a ways ahead of me so I had to wait till he came back to see what was going on, he picked me up and we headed back home to get his other tractor to try to pull him out.

I took Bob back down and he took the tractor and got the back end pulled out then as Neil was going back up the hill and down another hill I got thinking I shoulda took some pics, so we are half pulled out in all them.

He took so long I also got a bunch of pics of the other stuff down there and on the way home some of the cactus as well which was blooming, so not a wasted trip getting stuck, it just took like 3 times as long to get his stuff down there.


CDH said...

Oh my! I hate getting stuck! Cameron always laughs at me! But when he gets stuck, LOL! Its not funny :) Look at all that green! Just lovely and lush! Great photos.

CDH said...

Oh, and the cacti. I wish they grew around here. But they don't. And we're in the high desert! average 12ish inches of rain a year! Go figure.

Cindy D. said...

That's funny...not that you got stuck but that while he was getting unstuck, you were taking pictures. It is funny because I do the same thing.

Shirley said...

Well at least it wasn't wasted time, you got some nice photos.Sure is looking green and lush there right now.