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Friday, July 5, 2013

Leibster Award

So I got nominated for a Leibster award and am finally getting around to posting about it, thanks Marissa from over at Horseshoes and Hearts nominated me, her blog is very fun about Pony and their adventures, wish one day to ride bareback like she does!  Anyways the rules are as follows
1.Thank your nominator and link back to their blog.....done
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.......well lets see
     1.  I love woodworking and have a million projects on the go and yet I hate my woodshop so haven't done anything woody for over a year now.
     2.  I hate birds, but not really all birds, just the noisy obnoxious ones, like magpies and crows and ravens and blackbirds and sparrows. But I really like the big birds (and Big Bird himself too, lol) like hawks and eagles and owls, they are pretty cool
     3.  The only reason I am on Facebook is to play games.  I love the games and play them way to often, of course now there is lots of people on there I like to get updates from, but the games are what keeps me coming back.
     4.  I hate housework of any sort except laundry, I really don't mind doing laundry, not sure if its cause it can be stretched to an all day job while having lots of times that nothing needs doing.
     5.  I only have one  houseplant and that is only because my mother in law insisted I take it home last Christmas, I am sure there were many times it almost died and I think it hates me cause when I go away is the only time it blooms.
     6. This is hard, cant believe I'm only on 6.  I am not really a private person but wont share a lot unless asked about it, but then watch out, I am a talker.
     7.  I love it when people come out to our ranch but does not happen very often cause we are over an hour from any towns.
     8.  I always say we even when only talking about something I did.
     9.  I hate answering the phone, especially people who want to talk to Neil and are surprised when he is outside in the middle of the day, I think they think cause he doesn't leave the farm to work he must be inside.
     10.  Oh almost done, hmm lets see.  I love meat, actually I love to eat and I do it too often, I would like to lose weight but somehow in my mind because we were poor when I was a child we had plain food (never went hungry) and now we can afford it so I feel like I deserve good food.
     11.  I have a lot of stuff!  I keep trying to go through it and throw a bunch away but after going through 10 boxes and getting one Walmart bag to give away its just not working well.

3.Answer the 11 Questions given to me.  I am gonna answer Marissa's questions and the Louisa also asked everyone to answer her questions as well and so I will do that as well.
         1. What is your biggest accomplishment with horses
Well I dunno if I have any one big accomplishment with horses, I am pretty proud I can and have taken a few young horses and gotten them really broke so much so that others laugh and say they can do crazy stuff to and around my horses cause they are mine, lol.
         2. Do you have any hobbies apart from horses that you love?
Yes, I have more hobbies than i will ever have time to finish.  I love woodworking, gardening, cross-stitch, reading,  photography, sewing, I'm sure there is more I just am having a brain fart right now.
         3. What is your ultimate goal that you are working towards with your horses?
Well lets see, of course with Jessie I want to get better at cutting, not sure I wanna win the world on her or anything crazy like that, but just be consistent   Razz I want to get her into a real bridle and have her as broke as she can be.  I would really like her like one of the Vaqueros horses were.  Others, I am trying to sell, so no real goals with them right now.
          4. What is your favorite tv show?
Hmm I really like CSI New York, think that's my favorite right now, although also like NCIS and NCIS LA and some real life shows on the history and discovery channels.
          5. What kind of music do you listen to?
All Country, well a little other music like some Bon Jovi and Celine Dion.
          6. What is your personal love story? (With a husband/boyfriend/ex? If you don't want to go that deep, with a hobby? Or more obviously, with horses?)
I don't know how to answer this, I love my husband but no big story to go along with it, I am not that emotional and he gets nervous when its emotional so I dunno.  We knew each other for a while before we started dating and it just went from there, nothing fantastic, would  make a pretty boring book, but I like it :)
          7. What is your favorite love story? (Movie, books, etc?)
Well I am not really into love stories, I used to read a lot of Harlequin books and enjoyed them, but have moved over into the romantic suspense or just novels, guess love stories are not my thing.
         8. What is the most important thing to you when looking at a horse boarding facility? (Obviously our horses care is the first and foremost thing.  So lets skip that one and be really picky and selfish. So basically what is your favorite thing at your barn that you couldn't live without, or the thing you most wish you had. Lighted arena? Indoor Arena? Covered tack area? Trail access?)
Well since I only board in the winter, what I am looking for is a indoor arena (preferably heated) and a individual pen for my horse/horses.  I like to be able to go in the day time, and I like to know what is going on so I don't have to come ride when a million others are there either.
          9. What is the most lavish thing you have ever had at a barn? Or, considering a lot of us board at something that is awesome for the horse and not so awesome for us, what do you wish you had in your wildest barn dream? (Air conditioned riders lounge? Heated tack area? Showers and lockers for riders? Couches?)
Well i worked at a pretty fancy jumping barn in the past and they had all kinds of crazy things, the barn was warm enough to go with out a coat in the winter, air conditioning in parts for summer, it had showers, no lockers, was small enough no tack woulda gone missing without knowing who had taken it, had couches and chairs, a  full bar, offices, it was a bit crazy!  Would like something cool like that, but the longer I am around the more I want just plain, but it sure was nice to work in.
          10. I think my questions have been pretty awesome, but I'm seriously running out of steam.  Did you guys like my questions?
Lol i hear you I do not know how I am gonna think up 11 new questions, I think you did a pretty good job.
          11.  Who is your hero and why?
Hmm not sure I have a real hero, but if I had to I would say my old boss, really nice guy, fair, well liked, easy to get along with, not a pushover, one day I wanna be like that.

OK now onto Louisa's questions, this is turning out longer than i expected.
         1. Why did you start blogging?
I started reading blogs long before I ever had a blog but it sounded cool so one day I just ventured in and started my own.
         2. Have you ever had a 'heart horse', if so - tell me about him/her!
No I don't think so, i really like my Razz horse, I think she is my favorite, but I am not sure she feels the same about me, she likes me but I am not emotional enough to put that kind of feeling into it I think.
       3. What kind of vehicle do you drive? 
I drive a 2011 dodge half ton, I love it I would not buy any other brand, and really don't think I need more than a half ton even though lots of horse people cant believe you can pull 3 horses with it.
       4. What is one of the best lessons that horses have taught you?
Hmm easy peasy.  They have taught me that sometimes slow is fast.  I was always in a hurry and still always late but now I don't seem to rush and am much happier (as are my horses) and sometimes I am still late but less than before.
     5. What is your career? 
I don't have a career, I am one of the lucky ones who does not have to work just be on the ranch and help out and ride horses the rest of the time, not saying i don't work, but not in a organized scheduled get paid twice a month kind of way.
     6. How many horses do you own?
Well we have 9 here on the ranch and 8 are mine (too many really)
     7. What is your a) favourite and b) least favourite thing about the place you board at? (if you board at home, answer it anyway! haha)
Well I do board at home, and my favorite thing is lots and lots of places to ride and lots of grazing and I can keep an eye on my ponies.  Least favorite thing is no arena and no barn.
     8. What is one food you absolutely hate?
Well I don't like sweet peppers, not sure I really hate them will eat em if I have to and trying to like them (even though its not working well)
     9. Do you cook - if you do, what's your favourite recipe/dish to make?I do cook, lunch and dinner every day if I am home, I don't have a favorite, I love to eat so food is all good, but I do really like Mexican food, could eat tacos everyday...oh and perogies, mmmm.
     10. What is your weakness?
 Hmm auction sales, especially if the have horse stuff, I always come home with a truck load, so I try to stay away, haven't gone to anythings year, I am feeling withdrawal.
     11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I love Arizona in the winter, much to hot in summer, and way to crowded, I think at home in summer would be perfect.

5. Pick 11 questions for your nominations to answer.  
This is kinda hard, I am gonna try to come up with a few different ones 
1.If you could try any discipline what would it be?
2.Do you have an emergency plan in place for your horses and other animals?
3.What peice of tack would you buy if money was no objection?
4.What is the place you board like? What would you change?
5.What do you feed your horse and why?
6.What is your ideal temperature (for relaxing or for working)
7.If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
8.What kind of cell phone do you have...would you get it again?
9.What is your favorite kind of excersize (besides horseback riding)?
10.What kind of touristy things are around where you live?
11.If you could ride anywhere where would it be?

6. Choose 11 blogger with 200 followers or less and nominate them.  Well I think I am gonna cheat on this and nominate all my blogger friends :)  If you have already been nominated that's alright I wont make you answer the questions again but you can if you want.  


Louisa Valentina; said...

Since you were so kind to answer mine, I'll answer yours here!

1.If you could try any discipline what would it be?
Dressage. I think it's the one that's the least attainable for me to try in the circles I run with, so that's the one discipline I would really like to try.

2.Do you have an emergency plan in place for your horses and other animals?
Yes, my horse goes to a good friend with the understanding that whatever is in my bank account can go towards him. Once the money runs out, she has the option of selling him, but it must be to a good home and preferably someone he and I both knew. I also would prefer he be ridden by one person and one person only, or let out to pasture - something that I think Jingle would actually like haha. I have a feeling if I did pass, my friends would pool together to keep him. He means a lot to them too.

3.What peice of tack would you buy if money was no objection?
A totally crazy expensive blinged out custom saddle. Everything to my specifications, I would want to design it, with a matching tack set and chaps.

4.What is the place you board like? What would you change?
It's nice, really good people and in a really beautiful spot. I'd prefer better ground in the outdoor and indoor arenas and I've butted heads a couple times with the Barn Manager about things that I think one's horse deserves when someone is paying a lot of money to have them there. It can be frustrating, and that's it's biggest downfall.

5.What do you feed your horse and why?
Hay, and a seniors feed grain during the winter. Helps his coat stay shiney and to keep a little bit more weight on through the winter. In the summer he's mostly on grass with hay supplemented.

6.What is your ideal temperature (for relaxing or for working)
probably about 20-23 C, any hotter and my face attempts to melt off, any colder and I complain.. ;)

7.If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
Europe probably, or Australia and New Zealand.

8.What kind of cell phone do you have...would you get it again?
iPhone, yep, couldn't live without it

9.What is your favorite kind of excersize (besides horseback riding)?
Uhmm.. I am a lazy slob haha. I like yoga a lot, and i'd really like to try kickboxing.

10.What kind of touristy things are around where you live?
Calgary is a pretty big touristy town, the Stampede obviously is our huge attraction.

11.If you could ride anywhere where would it be?
I've gotten to ride in some pretty spectacular country in Alberta, but I'd like to go down into the desert in the states, or ride on a beach.. never done that.

lisa said...

now that is a lot to go through and you did very well!

Kalin said...

You've been Liebster awarded! :) Go to my blog to check it out!
(Again! LOL!)