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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Checkin Cows on Jessie

I went out and was planning on going south through the dam field and then west out to where the cows are.  I have never rode out that way so I didn't know where the gates are and when Neil asked all where I was going he warned me that it was a long way.  Didn't seem far in my mind, not thinking I never been there so what do I know!
 We left home and since I am trying to keep her in shape, I trot most of the way, I start out at a walk till we pass the hay corral and then we can trot anytime after that.  Its a lot of work to trot Jessie cause she is going along and if the grass looks thick or wet or anything she will slow down then speed up again when it looks good again.  Kinda hard to ride cause I really got to pay attention, she is getting better and will watch where holes are now (most of the time)

We got to the dam field (I dunno what Neil calls it but it has a pretty dam in it so its the dam field for me) and headed West and there was some pretty flowers out there, bluebells and yellow daisyish flowers.  I really should learn more of the wildflowers around here I guess.

Over to the gate and it was open!  Not good, but handy, lol although I did close it after we went through.  Then we were going around a slough and a duck jumps up from under Jessie, that was a surprise to me, but she didnt jump or anything, just kinda glanced over at it.  It was a duck sitting on a nest, so I thought I should get a pic of it too, pretty well hidden if the duck dint move I woulda never seen the nest.

Then out that way to the gate by the branding corrals, this was open, Neil said it didn't matter if the cows went south of their and they probly wouldn't cause they like the north grass better, and sure enough they were all north of that fence.  The branding corrals look so forlorn when there is nothing around.

Can see my house from pretty much anywhere, our house is in the middle of the place, and though it looks really far away I would guess no more than 2 miles from here.

Then we were in the field that adjoins our road, so we made our way to the cows and looked through them for a bit, they are unsure about what to do when they see a horse, they always think they should move but I just walked through them and only the old cows left.

Then to the gate by the Texas gate and I was too lazy to get back on by then so I just walked the last half mile home.  Not sure how far it was but it only took an hour.  Neil was surprised to see me back so soon, I guess he never thinks of me trotting the whole way.


CDH said...

What good cows to just watch you go by. Looks like the bull had gotten a little action! ha! I came upon a duck in the creek the other day, flew up under my horse Leo's nose, he didn't even move. I stopped, good thing, there were like 6 little ducks. They went a scattering and mama went a squacking! Its so nice to have a horse that is like "yea, whatever"! :)

cheyenne jones said...

Great ride, looks like heaven there!