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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring is coming

So our cows are going to the butcher not far from here, sounds like they are gonna be made into hamburgers and sold.  The butcher is paying cheap meat price and the government it making up the difference for the bred cow price.  So yes the meat will be used and that is a good thing at least.

And the fires, I can not believe that is not on the news, I just seen a bit on Facebook here last couple days what a devastation that would be.  Its hard to imagine that much fire. And I am kinda glad in a way that this TB thing isn't in the news more, news people like to share bad things and it makes all beef sound bad so the less they share the better for all the ranchers for now since they are blowing it out of proportion already.

And although they are taking 26 of our cows we are the lucky ones who get to keep the rest, there are quite a few that they just loaded up and killed every animal on their farm, I can not imagine that happening it would be so disheartening.

And the Mustache knot, its to keep tails out of mud and ropes and stuff, kinda a traditional cowboy thing.  Here's a link to it, tells about it and how to do it, I need more practice lol

Worst of all on top of all this is I still have my cold, I am gonna go to the doctor tomorrow cause its been 2 weeks and Friday and Saturday I hardly got out of bed I was feeling so awful, today I'm a bit better but I am not sure its just a cold anymore.  And its such a nice day outside I wish I could go out and do something but I think that would be unwise.


TeresaA said...

I wish that spring would hurry up! It's snowing out my window right now.

I'm glad that the cows won't go to waste anyway.

thanks for the info on the knot- I did google it. :)

Mrs Shoes said...

I knot their tails when I'm working too, but I usually use a slip through knot.

Shirley said...

Happy first day of spring- wish you were feeling better but maybe the doctors can help you out. Rest is the best thing for it.
I don't even watch the news any more, it's all so slanted to certain agendas, I think impartial reporting is a thing of the past.

lisa said...

Hope you get to feeling better, soon! I agree with Shirley, so tired of the biases on TV, I hate to even turn it on anymore!

Country Gal said...

It is officially spring but spring has been about here for some time now and I am soo happy about that , buds on trees are about to burst soon flowers are pushing through the ground and the little bit of snow we had left is now all gone and green is everywhere . Hope you feel better soon . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

aurora said...

Just checked out the knot link, interesting. I use part of one, and it always falls out. This one looks a lot more secure! Sorry to hear about your cattle, and your cold - feel better!!