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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cutting Lesson

So today I headed out to my first lesson in 4 or so months with Doug.  I was super nervous cause it has been so long since I went.  And no one could come with me.  But I sucked it up and went anyways.  I had planned to be there sometime around 1, he doesn't really set a lesson time which is nice.  He doesn't stop doing what he is doing, just fits me in working cows and then he works the same bunch.  I was confused about this at first cause I wanted a set time, but now I am used to it.

I got there about 12:30 and got her ready and went and warmed up and then Doug and his helper come in on horses and I worked all the cows he brought in I think 5, and it was sooo good.  A few things I still need to work on like sitting back (or I just flop all over) and stopping (of course).  But as I straightened her when she tried to turn in he said that was good.  Now if only I could do it without picking up my reins it would be better.

Afterwards I sat in the corner as he worked a young kinda skittish colt who was not something I would like to ride.  Then his assistant worked a older gelding who was getting lazy so Doug got on him too and made him work a little harder.  I sure like watching him ride, it looks like he is asking so much but the horses just step up and he backs off at exactly the right time and so they try so much harder next time.  I don't think I have that timing mastered yet.  But I sure would like to and will keep working at it.  Which is funny cause I always thought I was being pretty nice to my horses, but I was so relaxed and they were too, but they never stepped up cause I never asked and then when I do they almost resent it cause it was so new and never expected of them before.  He almost expects them to do it right every time and will help them through it if they mess up, which they all do, but they know what they are supposed to do.  I sure would  like to see a horse right as it was started go all the way through the program.  We don't always see the same horse when we go there.

On my way home I was thinking (the hazards of driving alone for a long time) and I noticed I was so confident.  I love that feeling when you go so nervous and it turns out good.  Even though I made a few mistakes, he made me feel I was improving and made me want to go back again.  Which I am on Wed.  I think that it is harder for a regular trainer than a clinician cause at the end of the weekend the clinician goes home and you never see him again, where as a trainer has to expect you to come back, so its a totally different scenario.

I noticed Jessie the last little while has been real bothered by something and I didn't think it was flies, it was more than flies and so I wondered if it was her udder being dirty and so I washed it when we got home and tried another fly sheet on her (this one is built a little better than the other one) and hope it makes a difference.  I will ride tomorrow morning so I will be able so see any rub marks right away which I hope there is none.  And as I let her loose, she rolled and the sheet moved a little, but pretty well stayed in place and so that makes me happy.  In the rolling shot you can see her white spot on her belly too :)


Shirley said...

Clinics are great but they throw a lot of info in a short time; so being able to follow up with regular lessons should keep you on your game.
Jessie looks good in pink!

Country Gal said...

If you are comfortable with the trainer and vise versa then it makes a big difference and it sounds like you are . Your trainer sounds like he really enjoys helping others learn so that makes a big difference to ! Sounds like you are doing well in your training , give it time and you and your horse will be working it like a pro ! Have a good day !

4RRanch said...

Nice to have a good workout. Cutting is something I've never tried yet.

Cheyenne said...

Sounds like a good trainer, easy, but teaches you a lot.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds good, and I love the sheet! Pretty pink!

Janice said...

Pretty in Pink. Glad you had a good lesson. I also scrolled down and took a look at your SS shots. Nice collection all very Summery...is that a word?...whatever ...well done.