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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leon Harrel Clinic

I had a blast at the Leon Harrell clinic over the weekend.  I wasn't sure I wanted to go cause he is a numerous world champion and I thought I would get more out of it if I was more experienced and had more idea on what I wanted help with.  But Karen from K and K talked me into it and I am very glad she did.
(The great Leon Harrel)
It had been a while since I worked cows.  I had been riding and using Jessie for ranch work, but its a different game entirely than the cutting pen.  And you could tell on Friday she was pretty cow fresh and raring to go.  But that was a good starting spot for us.  We had a challenge with stopping and using my legs and sitting on my platform (little bit of weight in stirrups, about 20%)  I had worked on all of those all weekend and Sunday morning we had an awesome run, I wish I had gotten someone to video it instead of the show.
(Paige and her green horse, she was so nice and had so much improvement)
I think the reason its so fun is Leon is a joke teller, his favorite sayings are "Maximum Fun", and "If you don't let life touch you it will kill you".  So he is always telling a funny story and making you smile.  Just a fun guy to be around.  Leon brought a friend with him this time, Jack Hightower.  They have known each other forever and have ridden together and so that was kinda neat.

(Leon riding Jessie, sorry bout the blur, 
still workin on figuring out arena shots)
I also met some awesome people at the clinic and am gonna stay in touch with a few of them.  I made plans to go camping with my ponies and them next July.  And another girl we got along really well.  We ended up going dancing with Leon and Jack at the Station in Strathmore Saturday evening and just having so much fun.  We are gonna get together soon and do something and she wants to go to some Central shows so I might be talked into going to a few with her, even though I would rather do Alberta shows, it will be a good start since we are not gonna go for points or anything just practice.
(Jan, her first time cutting, she did really well and she has a nice horse)
We worked cows twice in the morning and twice after lunch each day, so lots of time for improvement.  On Friday I asked Leon if he would ride Jessie and help me see what I need to do to get her to stop parallel with the cow, and he agreed, but then he asked if it would be OK if Jack rode her and so I could see what Jack was doing as he asked and then I can see what I need to do (cause it actually would work)  and so that was really interesting cause he told Jack the same stuff as me, but he was more adept at doing it and she looked awesome!  Leon did get on her Saturday and Sunday just to see what she was doing.  Sure makes me feel better when she tries it with him too, of course he got her correct almost right away.
(Kathy on a horse she bought from Leon earlier this year)
On Sunday we practiced in the morning and I had the best run ever and then after lunch we had a mini show.  We split up into teams and Jardi was our judge and it was kinda neat, but I did much better in the morning than in the show.  I got Cathy to video my second go and it felt way worse than it looked, but I can definitely see a few mistakes in there.  But Jessie was tired too, cause she had 3 runs in the show.
(me and Jessie in show)
There was only 11 people in the clinic so to make it even they had Jack compete on one team (not mine) and he picked 2 horses names out of a hat and had to ride them.  One was Spoon, an awesome horse but he never rode him before.  And the other was Jessie.  That was cool for me, perfect opportunity for get her tuned up for me cause he rode her in the second go 2 horses before I went.  She was tired, but she tried and she did good.  It was all me that needed more work.
(Jack on Jessie at show)
I was told by Jack I can get a 75 on her if I really try hard.  I did not believe that, but he thinks it is possible, so now I guess I have something to work forward to, cause I got a 69 and 70 here, so much improvement can be had.
(second show scores)


Shirley said...

You and Jessie look pretty good- nice that Jack thought you could score a 75 on her, definitely gives you a goal to work towards.

Country Gal said...

Awesome job ! You guys look great out there ! Glad you had a good time !

Cheyenne said...

I am pretty ignorant about cutting! But it surely made me want to get in the neighbours fields and give it a go!
(dont think he would be happy though!)

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Lookin good!

Cowgirl Red said...


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh what fun. I sure wished there was a cutting club around here. I like Leon's voice (I presume that was him coaching)...he does sound like he would be fun to be around and learn from.

Paint Girl said...

That is so great! Video is super cool because you can review it at anytime and learn, learn, learn!!

Janice said...

Lookin good out there. I wish we had stuff like that around here.

fernvalley01 said...

Lookin good, cool that Jack rode Jessie too!