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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Week

Yesterday I headed to Calgary to pick up my truck.  Wow what a big dealership.  not sure I would like to go there all the time, kinda prefer my small one in Drum better. But the service guy we talked to was really nice and helpful and remembered who we were right away which was nice.  I am so glad to have my truck back, boy did I miss it when I didn't have it.
(Sunrise on Tuesday as I was leaving home)
Like Tuesday I had planned to go to Olds with Susan and watch the cutting show.  I asked Neil if I could borrow his truck and he said that was fine, but I asked Susan to drive from Drum to Olds cause I don't like his stinky truck that much.  And it worked out fine, but such a pain, sure woulda been nicer to have my own, didn't realize how dependent I was on it.  And now it makes me want to go to another show.  There is one on the 1/2 of September in Airdrie and I dont know if I should enter.  Susan thinks I should go.  I would like to but probly not ready (although sometimes I wonder if I will ever be ready), and my mom has a scrapbooking that weekend and Char is moving and I told her I would help if she needs, but she says probly has lots of help.  So many choices and of course all happening in the same weekend!
(we took the Ferry to go to Calgary)
While in Calgary I stopped at my sisters and we headed up to Cross Iron Mills and had a few things we wanted to get there.  I was told to go to the Running Room for a pair of shoes, but the lady in there was soooo rude we just left, no way I wanted to give my money to her.  I ended up going to Sport Chek and talking to the lady there and she said there are so many preferences with runners that I should run a while and see what I want after I get into it.  I got a cheap pair and will use them till I know what I want and if we go to Great Falls this fall, lol.  I will find a pair down there cause they will certainly be cheaper.  We also got hotdog/marshmallow sticks at Bass Pro Shop and we walked by this picture my sister thought was really pretty and I go look at it and it was a doormat!  And only $6 so I had to get it too.  Was a good day, but long again.


Country Gal said...

Busy lady ! That's great that you have your truck back . I do like your runners pink and black one of my faves !I love the photo of the horses and the wording . Glad you had a good day out and about !

fernvalley01 said...

Cute shoes! I love the doormat but it is so pretty I almost wouldn't want it on the floor

Shirley said...

Go to the show! I like the door mat too; I'd put it in the house though so it didn't get wrecked.