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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visiting Day 2

Well after we finally made it to bed, the boys stayed awake super late, but they were in the tent and it didn't bother us :)  But they come in the house about 6 and said they were tired and fell back asleep on the couch for a couple more hours.  Then we had breakfast and they went out to play on the bales again.  Jaret was too afraid to make it on to the top of the second bale the first day, but no problem the second time around.

Then since they been begging if they could ride the horses, I went and got Jessie out and first Jaret rode around the yard.  he was having a little trouble getting her away from her buddies but he finally figured that out and rode around the yard.  Then Tristan had a turn and he thought he should "run" (actually a slow trot, lol) And so that was pretty fun for him.  They were both really good and never pulled on her mouth, which surprised me.  The Jaret thought he had to try this trot, but the stirrups were a little too short for him and so he got kinda scared, but Jessie just trotted up to us and stopped.  He decided walking is better for him.  I wish I had a couple horses I would feel safe putting them on, but I don't right now, maybe if I had been riding Kali it would be different, but its been a while and she is pretty young.  And and arena woulda helped, at least be in a little more control.  (And yes I know they are in shorts and runners and no helmets, but it was all we had at the time and thier mother was Ok with it too)

While we were out there, the cops drive in the yard, I was a little surprised at that!  But I guess our phone had been calling 911 and they couldn't get a hold of anyone cause we left our cells in the house and Neil was in town picking up a baler.  So she came out to see if everything was OK.  It was but just worries me if something is wrong they will just assume it is a mistake.  I sure hope Telus can fix that problem.
My cat Nintendo was hanging around all weekend and the kids thought he was so funny cause he acts like you can do anything to him and then he will just warn you by a little scratch or bite but he never leaves, just sticks around for more, just a little at a time he can tolerate.

We were bored after lunch and so we thought we would go down to the creek and we walked, which might have been a mistake, but we made it and stopped at the crossing and saw there are lots of chokecherries for the picking, I might make some syrup.  It was super hot, I kinda wish we had drove down, but we all come in the house and had a nap afterwards.

Then we had another fire after supper and we made smores, boy were they ever good!  I love them and even if I end up all sticky it is worth it.  We tried to get a couple pics of the coals, but they didn't turn out real great, guess I will have to have more fires.

Then Sunday they thought they should go home and so we headed there and we crossed the ferry and about Strathmore my truck said it was overheating, so we stopped and looked and it looked like maybe a hose was broke so we put in more antifreeze and went slow, but just before Chestermere it said hot again so we stopped in a parking lot and called Neil to come get us.  While we were waiting we had subway and shopped at the Bargain store.  Neil figured it was probly the water pump, and we don't know how to fix that on new vehicles.  So he picked us up, dropped Heidi and boys at home then we decided we should call Dodge and see if it is under warranty and they come and picked up the truck and took it to Clagary.  It sounds like it was something I hit on the road pierced the radiator and so I need a new one.  It was not under the powertrain warranty but he called the Chrylser rep to see if he could make a deal, but we needed it fixed either way so he ordered the part and is ready tonight and we will go get it tomorrow.  I really miss it, didn't realize how attached I am to my truck till it got broke.


Cheyenne said...

Wow! Looked like a whole lot of fun! Them boys really looked like they enjoyed the horses.

Shirley said...

Wonderful photos of the boys on Jessie, I love those big smiles! Jessie just keeps getting better, what a nice horse.
Your kitty is really pretty, hope you got some photos of him for Sunday Stills. Glad you had a nice family visit, even if it ended with your truck broke down- at least it wasn't when you were hauling horses.

lisa said...

Looks like another lovely day! Such happy smiles!

4RRanch said...

Looks like a lot of fun, can I come? Ha, I love a good smore.