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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hayes Sale 2012

On Saturday I headed up to the Hayes Brothers horse sale.  The breed line bred Skipper W horses and have for many many years.  They are only about  1/2 hour from my house and they have cows and horses next to our pastures down here so I like to go up there.  I got my belle mare from there and also Razz came from there.  Although both of them were not raised and sold by the Hayes, they both were sold there.

I looked through the catalog before hand to have an idea of what they were selling and had to pick out a few I thought I liked even though I had no intention on buying anything.  There were about 6 I liked, both mares and gelding and so I wanted to watch the preview and see how they were in that. Sometimes there is stuff going on that lets me know I don't want a certain horse or there are others I skipped over that I thought were really nice in the preview.

First #3 Blue Eyes, he was so pretty that was what caught my eye at first.  But he also looked good in the preview, a little more lively than some, which is fine, I kinda like that.  He only sold for $1650, pretty good deal if I was looking.

And then #6 TSF Gun N Smoke, he was not there and so the Hayes boys put in one of their broke horses from their ranch string and he sold pretty good, for $4400.  I also had #12 that was not there either.  I guess that's why you pick a few cause no guarantees they will be there.

Then #15 Northern Royal Reed, he was also pretty and super duper quiet, I think he woulda made just a nice riding horse that coulda been used for anything.  He sold for $3000, so more reasonable price, they should all be bringing that I think.

Then I picked the last horse of the sale, #45 WG Ima Tedi Too.  She was very pretty and just nice, she sold for $3500, pretty good for a mare and the last horse of the sale.

While I was there I also saw a bay gelding I liked and he sold for $3500, pretty nice horse, woulda made an excellent ranch horse.  And a mare I really liked, she was a little hotter and not very good in the arena, she only sold for $800 I think she is who I woulda chose if I was buying, super cheap and I liked her.

They had 3 girls riding there horses this year and they just put miles and miles on them and so they seemed a little quieter and it seemed to work for them. I sure like going up there and visiting my neighbors as well.  It is probly the only horse sale I have gone to and made money at, lol.  I had some halters for sale and one neighbor wanted them so I brought them up and he took them all.  I was glad to get them out of my house and he was glad to be able to have some halters that aren't draft size.


Paint Girl said...

Some nice looking horses!! It's always fun to go to sales and look. But the problem is when you find something you really like and just have to have!!

4RRanch said...

What self control to have kept from buying one.

fernvalley01 said...

Some decent prices, and some nice stock, but I recall when some of those prices were the low end at a sale like that

Cheyenne said...

No good me going to sales! I`d be broke before I left!!Lol.

Shirley said...

Seems like the good ones always fetch a decent price, although like Sherry says, 10 years ago those would have been low prices. It's kind of interesting to pick from a catalogue and then see how good your instincts are when you actually see them.