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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fly Sheet Woes

So the other day I look out the window and see three naked horses.  Uh - oh that isn't right I must be imagining it.  But no Jessie has somehow gotten her fly sheet off.  So I go out there to find it and its all on the ground undone, except the front straps.  How she did it I have no idea.  Best I can figure one or both of the belly straps come undone and she musta stepped on it cause it had a pretty good tear in one side and then broke the snaps on the leg pieces and then somehow got it over her head.  They don't make them easy to come off.  She only ended up with one small scratch on her right hind leg.  So that I was glad of and she was pretty glad when I put another sheet on her.  Guess that's why its always helpful to have a replacement one.

I don't know what its made of, but I washed it in the washer and where it was torn it never frayed.  I thought it was just a mesh, but it mush be some kind that doesn't unravel.So I pinned it all together and will sew it back up.  Won't look as pretty as the new one, but should still be functional.

It is getting so cool at nights here I actually started putting a regular sheet on her at night and boy I sure like the fit of it better.  I think I am gonna have to look around for a better fly sheet for next year.  I think fit is all in the shape of the neck.  If its shaped right it stays on top of the wither instead of pulling back behind it.  But I am glad I used one this summer and I think Jessie is too.  Char used the wrangler brand ones and they are very stiff and quite indestructible it sounds like but I was worried with Jess it would rub her overly sensitive skin so I just stuck to the soft ones.  Although I think I still prefer no blankets at all in the summer, but if the bugs are that bad and Jess was pretty wimpy so it worked well for her.


Camryn said...

Boett makes an awesome fly rug. Very pricey but, if you have one with allergies well worth the money.

Country Gal said...

Hope you can find another one that fits better ! Have a good day !

cdncowgirl said...

I was going to recommend the Wrangler sheets to, although they do sometimes get wrecked. Should have taken a pic of the one I just tossed the other day... it was shredded. But they are still my fav!