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Friday, August 31, 2012


So this week on Monday I went and picked a bucket or so of chokecherries.  I love chokecherry syrup and so try to make some every year we have the berries.   I thought I didn't have time this week and it was too hot for the canning, so on Tuesday,  after riding with Susan and friends, I just boiled up the berries and out of 14 cups of berries (and some water so they don't burn) I got 8 cups of juice.  They were quite juicy this year you could almost eat them without choking. That will make a little more syrup than I wanted but then there is enough to give away too.

I also had a look at my crab apple tree and there is a lot of apples on it and they are almost to the point of where I have to pick them.  I want to wait a little longer if I can cause I want them as red as possible so the jelly turns out redder and prettier.   But since they cancelled my show this weekend, I may be out there picking apples instead.  Looks like there will be lots to give away of them as well.

Add that to all the saskatoons I picked and froze this year, and the apricots my Mom brought for me from BC and I will sure not have a shortage of canning to do this fall.  Which is nice cause I am missing having tomatoes to can and beets and carrots to pickle.  Oh well I guess there is always next year.  I sure do have enough zucchini from our neighbors though.  He didn't think we were home when he brought 4 in (normally gives us 1 or 2) but then was surprised to see us come around the house.  Oh well I won't complain cause we got the cucumbers and carrots as well.  We had some carrots on the BBQ the other night and boy oh boy were they ever good, might have to cook the rest that way as well.   I might end up giving a zucchini away to a friend cause I can only eat and freeze so much or all we will eat all winter is zucchini bread (which I have a few different recipes so I may have to try them all).


Janice said...

Mmmm wish I lived closer....then I could act like a fool that can't cook ...can ....or anything...who am I kidding I can't do any of those things, then you would feel sorry for me and give me lots of yours.I'm remembering that Jelly out at the Galbraith Mmmmmmm.

fernvalley01 said...

Yumm! can I come shop in your pantry?

Shirley said...

Love chokecherry syrup!
Carrots on the bbq? How do you do them- right on the grill or in tinfoil?