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Saturday, August 11, 2012


First off, no one missed anything, I purposely didn't say any details cause it is not something to be shared, and second it has nothing to do with my horse, I love Jessie and I doubt anyone could drag me away from cutting  :)  Although I greatly appreciate all your concern, its nice to know someone cares when we are having personal problems.  Sometimes I think its easier to share with my bloggers than it is to talk in real life.  Maybe cause I can always imagine you are giving me the answer I want ;)
(had to put this pic in cause it amazed me, the first time I have ever seen Jessie 
actually stay out of the shed when its raining!)
Otherwise everything is pretty much going as expected, we are pretty well done haying, a few more acres to bale, probly Monday and Neil cut down 55 acres of oats to bale and the other 15 or so he is gonna leave to ripen and our neighbor will come over and combine it so we have some grain as well.

The horses are doing good, I still need to find a trainer for starting Jazz and maybe working with Magic some too.  I have someone in mind  but I somehow can't find his number so will have to do some searching for that.  But I think he may not have time till October, which is ok, but I want to make sure I have a plan in place.

I haven't decided what I am gonna do for the winter.  Teresa has her place up for sale so not sure if I can go back there or not, depends on if it sells and if the new people want boarders.  But Char also bought a place so she won't be there to ride with all winter (and her place is too far to go every day, Its probly hour and 10 minutes instead of 40 to Teresa's.  I will see what Susan is doing and if the place sells and then decide.  If the winter was gonna be like last year I would keep them at home, but there is no guarantee of warm weather and I do not like to ride in cold weather or lots of snow.


Country Gal said...

We all get weeks like that your not alone , it just takes ya back a bit and time to catch your breath and keep going ! Hope all works out for you all !

Cheyenne said...

Best wishes for you, time is key.

Shirley said...

Don't you wish you had your own indoor arena to ride in? I know I wish I had one for those winter months, would sure get a lot more training on the young ones.

fernvalley01 said...

I am looking around and finding a few local arenas that I could ride at, the one where the girls are is about 30 min drive, and is $10 to trailer in , starting to think it is a really good idea.
Whatever happened, I hope you are able to resolve it,and if you need to talk...