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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordy Wednesday -- 2nd Lesson

So today I headed back for another lesson.  I picked up Susan on the way.  She just come along to watch.  We started out the day right by stopping at Timmies :)  I was so hungry by the time my lesson was over last time that I did not want to make that mistake again.

I was all warmed up and ready to go to work and we had a cow ready but I could not get my stop to the left.  So Doug stopped me and we went to work on the flag cause its easier to control.  So we did.  I don't know why I can stop going one way and not the other.  But we took 2 goes on the flag and by the end I kinda had it figured out.  I know its me who has the problem, but I have to get Jessie to stop even if I don't, and that is hard.  I am not very quick at picking up on her either, but I will sure try to get it better.

I know what I am supposed to do, but somehow my body doesn't want to cooperate with my brain!  I think part of it is I am worried about doing it wrong, and I don't use the horn, my hand is on it but its just sitting there.  Guess that's more to practice too.  Well if I can at least get the stop then I can worry about everything else later.

I am not going back next week cause he is at a show all week, but we might go up to watch the show one day.  And I will go back for more lessons the week after.  I would like to go a couple times a week, but I will probly only go once a week cause it is too far, unless I can split the driving with someone.  But it sure is nice going during the day, I was home by 3:30 today, still lots of time to do something before supper.

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Shirley said...

Ah Crystal, even the great ones had learning curves- you are doing great in a new game. I'd love to see you and Jessie at a show someday.