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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I been thinking lately that I haven't done much for exercise. I was so good in the winter with doing some sort of program all the time, but since it got warm out I haven't done much.  Sure I have been doing more stuff outside, but no real formal type exersize and it is definitely time to get into that again.  So I been thinking I should start running.  I hate running.  But since we have a nice road to run on and I have all the equipment (runners) then it should be what I start doing and maybe I would like it.
(our orphan calf who lives with the horses)
Well last night I was feeling pretty sore, my back is out somethin bad and my chiro is not in until Tuesday.  And I have always had a sore knee, but whatever might as well start running, it cant be any worse right???  Well it really wasn't, I forgot the reason I hate running is not cause it hurts me, but I can't breathe. I don't know why my lungs are so weak like that, but like 30 seconds into the run I thought I was gonna collapse.  But I kept pushing myself to jog for a minute then I planned to walk for a minute.  All the way to the first Texas gate (about 1/2 mile).  I should have know better and just walked a minute and jogged 30 seconds to start.  My goal eventually is to be able to jog to the Texas gate without having to stop.  I am hoping it happens before it gets too cold to jog cause in cold weather my lungs hurt even more, sometimes just breathing.  I wonder if there is something wrong with them or I am just out of shape, I am leaning towards the latter.
(ponies were pretty curious as to what I was doing 
running down the road in the dark, lol)
I almost left too late to go cause it got pretty mosquitoey when I got in the shade and by the time I got back (about 20 mins) it was dark out.  But that's OK cause I got to see the sun go down and I didn't completely die, only partly, but I plan on trying it again today, maybe a little earlier.  But I was unprepared for summer to be over so fast, that was only 8:30 :(((  And this morning it was 6*C when I got up, way too cold for me to venture out in, almost toque weather.


Shirley said...

I hate running too, and I have the same deal with breathing; in fact it's getting bad enough that I went to my doctor, but she didn't tell me anything.
Maybe if you did a ride/jog thing you'd enjoy it more, like ride your horse and then get off and walk, then ride etc. It would be more fun and to make it more of a workout you could do the walk part whenever there is a hill to climb.

Country Gal said...

I have heard that a good brisk walk is better for you less stressful on your body ! I go for a walk with Miggy every day weather depending for and hour , she has to be on a leash and walks fast so I get my exercise that's for sure and I have been bike riding every other day . Come the winter on mild days Miggy and I will still go for our walks . Hope you find a comfortable exercise for you that doesn't cause any pain ! Lovely photos . Have a good day !

lisa said...

I started with an excercise program and then ended up with the bad arm and now it has been put on the back burner for now. One thing I do now is park far from the store and go long way around in buildings like steps instead of elevators and things like that. I will even walk around our property.

Cheyenne said...

One thing I absolutely promise you that it will get easier! I had a couple blood clots in my left lung (almost ten years ago now) that left that ol lung with a little to be desired. The thing is, it all just sort of starts to compensate...and for anyone, ANYONE who starts running bang out of nowhere, it will smart a whole pile! Yes, I promise...it will get easier, give yourself a few weeks. That being said, it's hard to stick with something if you hate it. I wish we lived closer together & could walk together, or run, or whatever! I have thought of you before when I was out in the evening, I remember reading about you walking your lane & you talking about the length of it. Darn good job to get out in general! Seriously! I am cheering you on!

fernvalley01 said...

Go you ! I am terrible, hate to run, won't even run from a fight! But swimming is my other favorite way to exercise

Linda said...

I use to hate running to but discovered that if I SLOWED down it didn't hurt as much. I think that's why most people get discouraged in the beginning...they try and run too fast, get winded and quit. I'm going to start again in September...maybe we should start getting together once a week somewhere.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm trying to get back into running too and am having the same trouble as you. I feel better hearing everyone's similar comments. Stay with it and I will too and let's see if it gets better.