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Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week

Most weeks around here are pretty boring.  I like it that way.  I been going swimming on Tuesdays with a neighbor. I really enjoy that.  I never knew her very well but I like her and it gets me out and being social which is always a good thing.  And we go for lunch afterwards and I like to eat so that's good lol. And I started walking,  been nice enough out for that too, I sure love it when it gets warmer out.

 This week I was on my way home and saw a neighbor had a couple calves on the road.  It was right across from her house and I felt a bit dumb but I told her about them anyways.  And turns out it was a good thing cause she was 2 hours away.  So I turned around and put them in and fixed the gate.   Of course the day they get out she's not home...cows.

And since I got Easy in I figured I had better ride him since that was the plan.  So yesterday I loaded Jess and him and then turned out Razz.  I know I am better when there is only 2, I can lead them together and I get tired after riding 2 so having 3 in is just more work and I do it less.  When hauling anyways, at home not as big a deal.
(in the arena, they were washing bulls in the wash rack that's what hes looking at)

(he's so cute!  Even with sticks in his tail)

(and Jess is so big lol)

Got my arena membership and I'm good to go till October.  I did a good brushing, made sure no sore spots or anything on Easy and saddled up.  I was gonna pony him but he doesn't know how yet so I just closed the gates and let him loose.  He just followed me around wondering what I was doing lol.

So OK, I guess hes not gonna be silly so I got on and we walked and trotted, maybe 20 minutes total.  Was so nice to be on him again, he's a lot narrower and shorter than Jess :)  I actually even got on from the ground!  Yay now I can really get to riding him.   I plan on going this afternoon as well.  I'd like to ride at least 4 days a week, even though Doug told me 5 or preferably 6 days a week, we may get there when I can ride at home again.  Easy actually looked sad when I got off him so quick :)
(he's so different than Jess, thinner neck and higher head)

Then since I know he has alone issues I tied him in the big arena and went to get Jess.  Well I had closed the gates earlier between them so I figured I should open them and that took us out of his sight well the noise began.  I'm amazed how he can buck and rear while tied up and not pull the rope tight.  Quite a talent lol.  I had Jess ride around and we went towards him when he was quiet and away when he was bad.  She figured it out pretty quick.  I rode her though all speeds.  She likes to go really fast when we lope there cause we have barrel raced there and its a big arena.  So we worked on her slowing down while still loping.  And I tried your trick Mrs Shoes about using my seat to break into the lope it worked well.  I used the regular amount of legs and we did it!  first try!  She got pretty sweaty, I'm thinking I may need to break out the clippers for her at least to a trace clip and then could blanket if I need too.  We will see, I kinda wanna avoid shedding season lol I'm tired of breathing fur already.
(wasn't gonna include this video cause it was for the challenge, 
 but you can see Easy in the background being a dork)

Afterwards I gave them both a good grooming and did some stretches with Jess, I need to get some dots so I can see where her bones are and if they match up.  In a few weeks gonna go get them both a massage, maybe after a lesson and so I can find out what I'm doing for the summer.


Mrs Shoes said...

That's awesome Crystal, glad it worked for you!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I admire your dedication to riding.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a good day and some fun outings with your neighbour.

Shirley said...

You have a couple of pretty nice horses there! That's great that you have an indoor close enough to get some winter riding in. The one we have here is so dusty I hate riding in it, I have to put a bandana over my nose and I worry about my horse's breathing.