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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have been busy making jam and getting my garden out.  I think we had a touch of frost on Tuesday night, so it was lucky I had brought in all the tomatoes.  Not as many as some years, but not to bad for how small and late they were planted.

I also had picked all my onions last week and set them out to dry in the sunshine. That sure worked well last week.  There was lots of onions, both red and yellow this year and so I should be good for winter.

I have been making jams and jelly's for the craft sale and for Christmas and for eating.  Yesterday I made 19 jars of crab apple jelly and 4 jars of applesauce.  I still have probly enough juice to make another 30 jars of jelly and 15 apple sauces or apple butters not sure which yet.

Today it is peaches.  One batch of jam being made as I type and the rest will just be canned, 10 jars of sliced peaches.   And 7 jars of chokecherry syrup for my neighbor.  But he may only get 6 cause I think I need to keep one.

I still have nanking cherries at my Moms in her freezer and raspberries and rhubarb as well.  I will  make nanking and raspberry jam and raspberry and rhubarb raspberry jams.

Oh and trees, pretty much the only trees we have around here are in the yard (excpet a few wild ones in the creek and the ones by our turnoff)  and only the ash trees are turning color.  I am sad, but like Neils Dad says, pretty tree but last one to get its leaves and the first one to lose them.  And he is right.

Oh also yesterdays pictures were actually taken on Monday when it was really foggy, and the first pic is the sun.  I was surprised how much it looked like the moon too, but so foggy it just wasn't bright.  Jamaica is hanging around a ways from everyone else so far cause they kinda pick on him.  Not sure why if he's the only boy or just a newbie.  They all know him but he just stays far enough away.  I actually had to protect him from Kali and after that she was so much nicer to him and so were the others, so I think it will be fine.  But I just wanted to make sure he was alright by himself.  And he was really happy to see me, I can't complain about that, wasn't sure what he would be like in the pasture, but just the same as ever.


Linda said...

You've been BUSY!! The voles ate most of my garden but we did get lots of onions and spuds. I'm missing my tomatoes.

Cheyenne said...

WOWSA! You are getting piles of work done. Great job! We should be making salsa together with those fantastic tomatoes! ;) Good luck with the Christmas market this year-hope it goes well. First year I was married I made jam to sell at markets and the nanking was always coveted.

Janice said...

Wow you are a busy woman.Hmm I can taste your Jam and Jelly. Good luck at the Craft Sale....didn't you sell out last year? Loved the Wordless Wednesday shots.