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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Horse Sales

Boy oh Boy, I wish I could just buy horses, this is getting ridiculous.  The Internet is sooo tempting.  We went to the Hayes sale last Saturday and there were two there I liked, Torch and Patrick.  Well I knew I wasn't coming home with any, but Linda from Just Another Day on the Prairie has Torch (Garfield) and says he is really nice.  I'm glad to hear that. 

And then I got looking at the two sales in Maple creek in September.  One is Sept 10 and is the Ranch Country sale and lots of colts  and some broke horses as well. I really like a filly out of Playin Again and Peppy Faline.  Probly the only one I would be interested in there.  Although there is a pretty black paint filly too that I wouldn't mind.  But I probly wont go to that sale, haven`t decided yet.

And the one we usually go to on Sept 17th has a free pancake breakfast (which is hard to turn down, I love pancakes!)  is the Cypress Hills Breeders Sale.  They have lots of broke horses and some colts.  I really like lot 11-SB Tangerine Nu Chex. She sounds really cool.  And I certainly don't mind lot 23- Haidas Golden Boy.  He sounds like just a nice horse.

Of course then I got looking at the Western Horse Sale.  This is put on by the Supreme and they want all performance type horses in it and there are two in it I would love! to take home.  One is a yearling filly -- This Cats Freckled.  She looks so nice and super well bred as well.  And the other is Pistols Cocoa Jay.  She is broke and has won $14000 and she sounds like a nice cutting horse.

But of course I don't need another horse, but golly there sure are some nice ones around!  Sure is hard not to look and buy though.  Just looking for me now. All the pictures in here are from my camera of my horses yesterday just to remind me I have lots here to ride.


Country Gal said...

I hear ya , I would want to buy them all lol I want to buy just one but havent got the space or $ for one right now one day though I will get back into the horse world , hope to have a Hobby farm like the one I was raised on ! Great photos , Have a wonderful eve!

fernvalley01 said...

I try not to look either, but every now and again...

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh there are some nice horses available these days. Makes me a little aggravated that there were times in my life that I really needed more horses and couldn't afford to buy what I really wanted. Now I have too many to be going out and buying ANYTHING.

Shirley said...

I hear ya! Sometimes it is best to just appreciate what is in your own pasture, and don't even look at the sale catalogue.... of course, you could go just for the pancakes and to socialize!