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Monday, September 26, 2011

Canadian Supreme

This week is the Canadian Supreme. One of the biggest cohorse, cutting and reining shows in Canada.  It is a week long show and is pretty cool place to come watch some of the bigger trainers come and show thier horses.

Since I am taking my Kali down to Doug Rheinhart soon, I thought I might want to see what he does this week.  She will be going sometime after this show.  As well as Jardi is showing her 4 year old gelding and a 6 year old reiner.  Jardi is on the commitee, so she is always looking for volunteer people.  I think I will be there helping on Thurday and Saturday.

This year they are having a live webcast of the whole show.  Kinda neat, but unfortunatly I missed seeing Jardi this morning, but Doug is still up and Candice is later on this evening.  I will probly be going up there tomorrow then coming home for Wednesday and going back up for Thursday to Saturday.  Shirley and Janice are coming up on Friday so that will be fun.  I can stay at my Mom's this week, so that is handy.


Linda said...

I might try and talk Nina into coming up on Friday. Have fun!

Shirley said...

Sherry and maybe Deb will be there too. We'll be there Thursday evening too. Thanks for the live webcast link!

fernvalley01 said...

Hope to see you Friday!

lisa said...

So, cool! Thanks for the link!