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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Stills -- Potluck or Claresholm Snaffle Bit Futurity

This week our Sunday Stills subject was Potlucks, so I picked a horse show.   Today I headed down to Claresholm with Jardi to watch the Snaffle Bit futurity. Its a cow horse show and we went today cause it was the fence work. Friday was the cutting (which I woulda liked to watch) and Saturday was reining, and today was the best day to go.

Jardi's neighbors were competing there and so we watched them and Candice won a buckle in her class. She is in the non-pro and no matter what happens in cutting and reining, the fence work determines who wins. She was riding her second favorite horse, cause the one she really likes was lame earlier this week and she didn't want to test him and have him lamer later, even though he looks fine now.

Greg was in the derby class with his horse and didn't do as well, the competition was really tough and the cows weren't that good, real pushy so it was a lot harder.

Jardi wanted to watch them too and the class that she will be competing in at the Canadian Supreme. Its always good to know your competition. I think she is only competing in reining at the Supreme, but she likes cow horse better, but her horses are more competitive in reining right now.

It was a real fun day and one of the funnest classes was the future Stars class. Its all the little kids with their parents help who ride a simple reining pattern. They all got a candy bag for their efforts.

I think I would like to cow horse but I don't really want to rein, so right now I will stick with cutting. Although I do think Razz would be good on fence work, we will have to see.

I am still learning how to use this camera, the auto is a little different, it picks the right setting, and it picks out faces and focuses on them, but I sometimes hit the button at the wrong tome, so I will keep taking more till I get them right :)


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a good one , I missed all the local shows this year

dibear said...

I enjoy horse shows. When I was much younger in Houston,Tx. I would always attend the PinOak horse show and watch the jumpers. And my nephew's daughter is a barrel racer in Texas. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi! You don't know me but...I've been reading your blog for a a couple months and I actually met your friend Jardi up at Blackland Ranch during our very first Northern Alberta Reined Cow Horse schooling show and clinic with Geoff Hoar. Very nice lady! I loved your pictures from the weekend! :)

Shirley said...

I sure miss going to the horse shows. Looks like your new camera does a good job shooting indoor action shots, the third one is nice. Working cowhorse is my favorite event, I wish I could have had the opportunity to pursue showing in it.

Linda said...

I'd really like to rein....we "cowhorse" all the time;)))))