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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

So seems like I been missing out on everything that has been going on here except for the ponies, so here's an update.  Well Jamaica is home.  He is out in the pasture with the mares and happy to be there.  Sure loaded good.  I asked Jardi to give me a hand and I never needed her, he just walked out of his stall, out of the barn, across the corral and right onto the trailer.  Pretty happy with that.  I think it is a lot like walking onto a stall, kinda dark, even though the stalls  are step down and the trailer was step up, much the same.

And the bulls are home.  A couple weeks ago we got a call for the community pasture to pick up our bull there and so Neil pulled all our bulls at home the same day.  They were pretty well ready to come home.  We also sold two, one who never tested that we kept as a just in case one and one was 7 years old and we never realized but he was fine but that's getting pretty old for a bull.

We got all our hay baled as well as the green feed oats.  They are just waiting on John Deere to fix our tractor and bring it back before we can haul them home.  Neil tried rigging up a system where his tractor can pull the trailer so he can use it to both load bales in the field and then unload them at home, and it seems to work, but takes a long time driving back and forth.

And the corrals got cleaned one day last week, sure was stinky for a while but much better now and healthier for the calves over winter.  Oh and we picked a weaning date of October 24, which is coming up amazingly quick.  Got a lot to do before that comes.  And about a week or so before that I will probly wean Casino and leave her in the filed and take Disco to Jardi's to see what she is like to ride.  It takes a couple weeks before the calves quiet down and don't get too sick before I can move the horses into the corral and I am not even sure who will live in with Casino yet, maybe Jazz and Jamaica, haven't decided on that yet.

And the cows (or in this case heifers)  are doing good, they sure like hanging around in the slough where the grass is really tall when its warm out.

And last night I got a call from a girl who wanted to come see Dinero.  She called last week and asked a bunch of questions and wanted to come down but didn't know when they could.  Well their schedules lined up and they came and tried him and took him home.  He will be rode in the feedlot by her husband and she will pleasure ride him.
All in all life is progressing and I am not ready for winter but looks like its on its way anyhow.


The 4 R's said...

That grass looks great. Looks like you are having a good season out there.

Shirley said...

Well you sure do have a lot going on. Hope Dinero does well in his new home, he's a nice horse- congrats on the sale.
I used to work for a corral cleaning outfit from Black Diamond (the Thompsons) and I know only too well the smell you're talking about. I started out on the trucks, but spent most of the time running the track loader.

lisa said...

Glad to hear things are going good on your end! You sure are right, winter is fast approaching and lots of work to be done before that happens!

fernvalley01 said...

Fall ois fast approachinf seems like time to start gathering nuts! Congrats on finding a good fit for Dinero

Janice said...

Wow you have grass and it looks good.You guys have been busy, isn't it a nice feeling when all your stuff is put up and ready to be put away.The hay is looking good and so are those heifers they are sure healthy looking.